ISO 6887-2:2003 specifies rules for the preparation of meat and meat product samples and their suspension for microbiological examination when the samples require a different preparation from the method described in ISO 6887-1. ISO 6887-1 defines the general rules for the preparation of the initial suspension and decimal dilutions for microbiological examination. ISO 6887-2:2003 only describes methods of preparation that are applicable to several microorganisms simultaneously. It excludes the preparations that only apply to the detection and/or enumeration of a single microorganism where the method of preparation is described in the relevant International Standard concerning that microorganism.

ISO 6887-2:2003 is applicable to the following fresh, raw and processed meats and poultry and their products: refrigerated or frozen; cured or fermented; minced or comminuted; delicatessen meats; pre-cooked meals or poultry-based meals; dried and smoked meats at various degrees of dehydration; concentrated meat extracts.

ISO 6887-2:2003 is not applicable to the following products whose microbiological examination is described in other International Standards: canned products; other products (see ISO 6887-4).

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    Дата публикации : 2003-07
  • Версия : 1
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    ISO/TC 34/SC 9
  • 07.100.30
    Food microbiology

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