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ISO’s International Standard for business collaboration, ISO 44001, helps organizations get the most out of working together. A new guidance document provides further insight to help them take these relationships to the next step.

The benefits of collaboration in the business world are many and include the generation of innovative ideas, reduced costs through efficiencies and sharing of resources, and access to new services and technologies.

ISO 44001Collaborative business relationship management systems – Requirements and framework, assists companies in establishing and improving collaborative relationships, both within and between organizations.

Now, organizations can take the guidance to another level with the recently published ISO 44002, Collaborative business relationship management systems – Guidelines on the implementation of ISO 44001. The new standard provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of the requirements in ISO 44001 to help organizations implement it most effectively.

ISO 44002 offers specific guidance for establishing, developing and managing third-party relationships using the eight-stage life cycle detailed in ISO 44001. This supporting information enables organizations to successfully integrate the ISO 44001 business collaboration framework into their existing management systems, processes and procedures, to optimize the benefits of working together.

ISO 44002 was developed by technical committee ISO/TC 286, Collaborative business relationship management, whose secretariat is held by BSI, ISO’s member for the United Kingdom. It is now available for purchase from your national ISO member or through the ISO Store.

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