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Austrian Standards Institute (ASI) | Österreichisches Normungsinstitut is a public-service, non-profit organization founded in 1920. It is an impartial platform for the creation of standards and specifications in Austria and offers the infrastructure for participation in European and international standardization (CEN and ISO).

The Austrian Standards Institute is therefore a centre of competence for all information pertaining to standards and their environment. Some 5,600 experts from companies, authorities, science, inspection bodies and consumer groups participate in some 180 national Technical Committees, with about 400 Subcommittees and Working Groups. ASI has been the first National Standards Body to be certified according to ISO 9001.

ASI's subsidiary company Austrian Standards plus GmbH facilitates direct access to the more than 20,000 Austrian standards (ÖNORMEN) including all European Standards (in English and German language), to all International Standards and to over 600 000 normative documents from throughout the world.

Austrian Standards plus is also industry's partner in certification, especially of products, services and persons according to standards.

Since 1996, Austrian Standards has been responsible for the worldwide distribution of all publications edited by the CEN Management Centre (CEN Sales Point).

In cooperation with partners throughout Europe, Austrian Standards offers specific training and consulting to non-EU states in institution building and quality infrastructure.

Austrian Standards International – Standardisation and Innovation

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