ISO has a number of awards that help promote different aspects of international standardization.

  • The Lawrence D. Eicher Award recognizes excellence in standards development and is open to all ISO and ISO/IEC technical committees.
  • The ISO/DIN essay contest for young standardizers in developing countries recognizes young professionals working in standardization in developing countries.
  • The ISO Excellence Award rewards the achievements of ISO’s technical experts and is open to any individual nominated in the capacity of expert, project leader or convenor in a committee working group.

In addition, from time to time, ISO offers awards to selected sectors to recognize excellence and expertise in the world of standardization. Some past awards include:

  • The ISO Prize aimed at leaders in business, government and academia from outside the ISO community for their outstanding contribution to the understanding or use of ISO standards.
  • The ISO Award for Higher Education, which aims to encourage and recognize successful programmes in higher education on standardization.

ISO/DIN essay contest for young standardizers in developing countries

Under 35 and passionate about standards?

Enter the ISO/DIN competition essay contest for young standardizers in developing countries.

This award helps to encourage young professionals in developing countries working for national standards bodies to engage in international standardization and to raise awareness of the importance of standards in promoting safe and sustainable economic development.

Sponsored by DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, and held every two years, the award offers the opportunity to spend time at both DIN in Berlin, Germany, and the ISO Central Secretariat offices in Geneva, Switzerland, to get invaluable exposure to the development and management of International Standards.

2016 winner

Majd Majed Shatnawi
Majd Majed Shatnawi

Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization, Jordan

Read her winning entry [PDF]
Watch the  video

Past winners

2014 - Ms. Ester Williams, Jamaica
2012 - Mr. Amwayi Omukhweso William - Kenya
2010 - Mr. Wilfred Fanokuhle Mdluli - Swaziland
2008 - Mr. Victor Ryan Biran - Trinidad and Tobago


See what else ISO does for developing countries.

The ISO Excellence Award

Do you want to recognize the achievements of individuals that have made a major contribution to standardization and related activities?

The ISO Excellence Award has been created to reward the achievements of ISO’s technical experts.  

The ISO Excellence Award recognizes the contribution of individuals for recent achievements related to ISO’s technical work that can be considered as a major contribution to furthering the interests of standardization and related activities. Any individual nominated in the capacity of expert, project leader or convenor in a committee working group is eligible for the award.

There is no limit on the number of awards per year, or per committee. However, all awards must be conferred for a significant contribution to a project that has been completed (published) within the last year.

Details of eligibility, the selection criteria and process can be found on the nomination form. Nominating persons are invited to fill out the form and return it to their TC secretariat, who will validate it and send it to the Technical Programme Manager (TPM) at ISO/CS. There is no specific deadline. Requests for awards will be processed throughout the year, as they are received. For any questions, please contact the TMB secretariat.

Nominations for the ISO Excellence Award

Do you know someone that deserves to be recognized?

Download the nomination form with details of eligibility and selection criteria.

Lawrence D. Eicher Award

Do you work with a committee that has great leadership, uses innovative approaches and promotes the involvement of developing countries? 

Then maybe you should nominate it for the Lawrence D. Eicher Award. 

This award was introduced in honour of Lawrence D. Eicher, ISO Secretary-General  from 1986 to 2002, who sadly passed away while still in office.

Winners of the award enjoy increased recognition for their work, both within and outside the ISO community. For example:

  • The award is presented at the ISO General Assembly and is a chance to promote the work of the committee to assembled members.
  • Winners feature in ISO’s communications activities.
  • Past winners have enjoyed coverage outside the ISO community in trade and business press. 

See the L.D.Eicher Leadership Award  brochure for more details.

Nominations for 2019 have been closed. 

The award recognizes excellence in technical work and is open to all ISO (and joint ISO/IEC) technical committees and subcommittees.

The 2019 LDE Award winner is ISO/TC 84

Excellence in drug delivery

The demand for new technologies and solutions for delivering drugs that are safer and more convenient never stops. Add to that the varying injection equipment and methods used around the world to suit individual clinical and patient needs, and it’s clear the safety and quality of products are more important than ever.

ISO’s technical committee (TC) for standardization in this field – ISO/TC 84 – is always one step ahead, often having standards in development in time for when new technology comes on the market. Its efforts have just been recognized through the Lawrence D. Eicher Award for excellence and superior performance in standards development, which was presented today at the 42nd ISO General Assembly held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Winners of the LDE award in Cape Town

From left to right: Maria Skou, Head of International Affairs from Danish Standards, representing Committee Manager Bibi Nellemose, Paul Jensen, Chair of ISO/TC 84, John Walter, ISO President, Sauw Kook Choy, ISO Vice-President (technical management) and Sergio Mujica, ISO Secretary-General.

The Lawrence D. Eicher Leadership Award
Learn more about the award and nominations process.  

Past winners

2018 - ISO/TC8, Ships and marine technology
2017 - ISO/TC 228, Tourism and related services
2016 - ISO/TC 207/SC 1 Environmental management systems
2015 - ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 IT Security Techniques
2014 - ISO/TC 45/SC2 Testing and analysis
2013 - ISO/TC 68 Financial services
2012 - ISO/TC 242 Energy management
2011 - ISO/TC 34 Food products
2010 - ISO/TC 211 Geographic information/Geomatics
2009 - ISO/TC 172 Optics and Photonics
2008 - ISO/TC 127 Earth-moving machinery
2007 - ISO/TC 184/SC 4 Industrial data
2006 - ISO/TC 67 Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries
2005 - ISO/TC 8 Ships and marine technology
2004 - ISO/TC 176/SC 2 Quality systems
2003 - ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Information technology/Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information

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