JTC 1 is the standards development environment where experts come together to develop worldwide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards for business and consumer applications.

Additionally, JTC 1 provides the standards approval environment for integrating diverse and complex ICT technologies. These standards rely upon the core infrastructure technologies developed by JTC 1 centers of expertise complemented by specifications developed in other organizations.

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JTC1 Vision, Mission and Principles
JTC1 Vision, Mission and Principles
JTC 1 business plan
JTC 1 business plan

JTC 1 Chairperson

Phill Wennblom Chair JTC1
Phil Wennblom


Lisa Rajchel JTC 1
Lisa Rajchel


Since its inception in 1987, JTC 1 has brought about a number of very successful and relevant ICT standards in the fields of multimedia (e.g.: MPEG), IC cards ("smart cards"), ICT security, database query and programming languages as well as character sets, to name just a few.

The final report of the JTC 1 Study Group on Cloud Computing (SGCC) is now available.  The report, prepared by JTC 1/SC 38 (Distributed application platforms and services) identifies the future work of JTC 1/SC 38 in the area of Cloud Computing, and provides a basis for JTC 1/SC 38 working with other relevant JTC1 sub committees and with groups in other standards developing organizations.

JTC 1 facts and figures

Currently there are 3250 published ISO/IEC standards developed by committees in JTC 1 comprised of some 4500 registered technical experts from around the world. This page also includes information about scope, membership, published standards, work programme, business plans, committee structure and meetings.

JTC 1 releases preliminary reports on emerging areas of work:

ISO/IEC JTC 1 - Big Data. Preliminary Report 2014
Big Data.
Preliminary Report 2014
ISO/IEC JTC1 Internet of Things report
Internet of Things. Preliminary Report 2014

Annexes to the report [zip file]

ISO/IEC JTC 1 Smart Cities report
Smart cities.
Preliminary Report 2014