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    Mr Jianyu HUANG
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    Ms Isabelle Vega
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    Ms Alison Reid-Jamond
  • Дата создания : 2021

Область деятельности

Standardization in the field of laboratory design including site selection, design of internal layout of space and services with the objective to provide functional, safe, energy efficient and sustainable laboratories taking into account environmental impact, the practical division of experimental and support areas and layouts plus model selection of laboratory furniture.

It includes standardization of apparatus and devices for personal safety aspects that are an integral part of the laboratory. Design of devices and apparatus for experiment purposes covered by ISO/TC 48 as well as design of measuring instruments are excluded from the scope.


  • • ISO/TC 48 (laboratory equipment);
  • • ISO/TC 212 (Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systems);
  • • CASCO;
  • • IEC/TC 66 (Safety of measuring control and laboratory equipment);
  • • ISO/TC 209 (Clean rooms).
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    ISO/TC 48 Laboratory equipment ISO
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    18 November 2021 Virtual ISO/TC 336  

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