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Область деятельности

The ISOlutions Group is meant to support the ISOlutions programme whose goal is to help ISO Members having zero or limited IT capabilities or those who see value in common solutions providing basic functionalities that ring synergies using shared, hosted systems.

Among the functions of ISOlutions are:

  1. Promote the digital means and best practices in process management to make possible ISO’s missions at the National and Regional levels.
  2. Providing to ITSAG feedback and advice on existing ISOlutions services as well as recommendations on new services.
  3. Work towards aligning the ISOlutions programme ongoing with ISO IT Strategy.
  4. Foster and promote collaboration amongst members on digital initiatives.
  5. Contribute on possible evolution/adoption of platforms for National and Regional purposes (e.g. providing relevant information such as scope, list of requirements, usability advisory, market and stakeholder´s needs, pilot tests).
  6. Organize and structure ad-hoc groups to consult the ISO members regarding tools provided by ISO/CS supporting National and Regional standardization and marketing/sales matters.

Some of the work of the ISOlutions can be delegated to working groups that could be composed of members’ representatives other than the members of the ISOlutions.

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