In the March/April 2016 issue of ISOfocus, we look at where the progress is happening, who's to benefit, and what you (and the healthcare industry around the world) can do about it all. We also investigate some of the most interesting, important and complex advances in healthcare today.

Health is the second largest government spending area, according to recent research (OECD, 2010). Health challenges are no longer just within the domain of public health specialists, they are among the key challenges to our societies. In a number of cases, International Standards can improve quality and safety and promote better healthcare, for the good of all.

In his opening comment, the General Manager of AENOR, ISO’s member in Spain, Avelino Brito, highlights how ISO offers a platform to support healthcare professionals and spur the global health industry into action – further contributing to the development of standards for the world’s population (and a healthier society).

“Every day, around the world, standards make a vital contribution to servicing healthcare. I believe that we are a strong ally of healthcare professionals and that our collaboration with them – under their leadership and within the scope determined by them – will bring us great satisfaction in years to come. A lot is at stake when factors as essential as life and health are involved.”

So what are some of the issues affecting healthcare? How can ISO standards help? And which changes/improvements are poised to make the biggest impact? We spoke to a number of experts to get their input on a handful of subjects, including:

We also spoke to some of today's most important health industry leaders and asked them to share the developments they're most excited about. Here, International SOS and Sensing explain why ISO standards are good for the business, and highlight some of the key considerations for implementing them within their companies.

If you’re thinking about using ISO standards or want to discover what standards are available for health, look no further than the latest ISOfocus