Happy World Standards Day!

Every year, we celebrate World Standards Day on 14 October to pay tribute to the thousands of experts who share their know-how and expertise to develop International Standards.

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By Maria Lazarte
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You may not be aware of it: every day, wherever you go, there is a hidden but fascinating world of standards around you, helping out with everything you do. Don’t believe me? Take a peak into this person’s morning journey and you will be surprised. There are standards for nearly everything, from coffee to watches, from dental floss to bicycles. Every day is truly a standards journey!




World Standards Day is organized by the world’s largest standards developers, the International Organization for Standardization, the International Electrotechnical Commission and the International Telecommunication Union, together with our members and partners.

In 2014 we recognize the efforts of all those who, through standards, “level the playing field”, simplifying and enhancing life. Countries that have mainstreamed International Standards in their policies and regulations are able to better protect their populations and give them a bigger choice of quality products from around the globe. They also give industry the opportunity to enter new markets, boosting our economies. International Standards are good for everyone, from the largest to the smallest players such as small and medium-sized enterprises, who will find it easier to access technological know-how and best practice, and compete internationally.

Get some more concrete examples, from ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele, of how the big ISO family, composed of 165 member countries, works hard to develop International Standards and make a difference to the lives of people around the world.




Happy World Standards Day!


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Maria Lazarte
Maria Lazarte

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