1. Carbon footprint

How do you calculate and communicate your carbon footprint?

With ISO 14067 for the carbon footprint of products

2. Tractors

How does agricultural machinery become as green as the fields they plough?

With the future ISO 17989 for sustainable tractors

3. Reclaimed rubber

How do you recycle your worn out car tyres into something more useful?

With ISO 16095 and ISO 16096 for reclaimed rubber

4. Construction

How do you construct buildings that have a positive impact on the people and the world that surrounds it?

With ISO 15392 for sustainable building construction

5. Machine tools

How can the makers of machine tools really know their environmental impact?

With ISO 14955 for sustainable machine tools

6. Earth moving machinery

How can we move the earth and not destroy it?

With ISO 10987 for sustainable earth moving machinery

Did you know that sustainability is such an important issue for ISO that we have created a guide to help include these principles into more and more standards.

Called Guide 82 and created by a world leading team of sustainability and standards experts, it provides all the guidance required to address sustainability in standards – ISO 17989 for sustainability of tractors is just one example of Guide 82 at work.