Not to say our offices are not nice, but they are well, just offices. We have one of those new intelligent buildings without light switches that decide when the shutters will go up, or when lights will turn off (whether you like it or not). Which is why we thought we would offer you a little game. Start from outside the revolving doors and see if you can find the unicycle.

Now, you may be wondering, why a unicycle? We wanted to show real people working at ISO, and everyone you see in these shots are employees. So meet Pierre, he is one of our graphic designers and passionate about all cycles including those with just one wheel, sometimes he actually comes to work like that!

You will notice on his back a graphical symbol which stands for .... “Warning!” Don’t worry, you don’t risk anything in this tour, but we wanted to draw your attention to the fact that these familiar symbols you see around you come from ISO. Whether you are in China or Guatemala, whether you read Russian or Arabic, you will be able to understand a warning sign because of this graphical language.

As you go inside see if you can spot some more graphical symbols, which we have combined in some surprising ways. Do you know what they all mean? Afterwards you can check if you are right on the Online Browsing Platform.

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Now that you made it inside look around you and remember to turn 360° degrees each time you click on an arrow, or you will miss some hidden surprises!  If you spot odd characters with numbers stuck on them, that’s just some of our people representing ISO standards. We have thousands of standards (nearly 20 000!) so here is just a very small selection. A standard is a document giving safety, efficiency, quality and other guidelines. Can you spot the standard for fire extinguishers? Keep looking there are a few hidden in the tour.

Once you have finished with the ground floor entrance, take the lifts and make your way up to the reception (can you guess what that Emmy is for?). Don’t get lost, follow Pierre!