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ISO had just launched a new video that shows how International Standards can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to be more competitive on global markets.

ISO has also opened a new section on its Website highlighting ISO publications aimed at helping SMEs to benefit from standards

The video, available in English and French*, points out that SMEs are at least 90 % of companies in most economies and when they use ISO standards, it adds credibility and confidence in their products and services.

Video: ISO and SMEs

Learn how ISO standards help SMEs

ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele comments: "ISO standards offer big benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them to compete on a level playing field with bigger enterprises, opening up export markets and opportunities to participate in global supply chains, and providing best business practice and state-of-the-art requirements for the products and services they produce. This, in turn, leads to increased credibility for the SME and increased confidence in their product or service from the most important group of people a business has, its customers."

The new ISO video is the latest among more than 60 ISO videos which can be viewed on the ISO Website, on YouTube and on iTunes. The ISO YouTube site has already attracted more than 246 000 views.

The new SME section on the ISO Website includes extracts from the ISO brochure, 10 good things for SMEs, in which managers of small businesses in 10 countries from around the world describe how ISO standards have contributed to their success. The brochure, which can be downloaded free of charge, includes quotes from managers, eight of whom are senior executives or owners, from a variety of businesses in Canada, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Singapore, Kenya, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil and New Zealand. They testify how ISO standards do the following good things for SMEs:

  1. Standards help you compete on a level playing field with bigger enterprises
  2. Standards open up export markets for your products and services
  3. Standards help you discover best business practices
  4. Standards drive efficiency in your business operations
  5. Standards add credibility and confidence for your customers
  6. Standards open new business opportunities and sales
  7. Standards give you the competitive edge
  8. Standards make your brand name internationally recognized
  9. Standards help your company grow
  10. Standards enable a common “language” to be used across an industry sector

In addition, the Website section highlights other ISO publications aimed at helping SMEs to achieve the same benefits as larger competitors by implementing ISO standards for quality management, environmental management, food safety management and information security management.

* ISO can provide source files to its national members in 164 countries allowing them to produce versions in their national languages. Contact

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Katie Bird
Head, Communication

+41 22 749 0431

Default News
Katie Bird
Head, Communication

+41 22 749 0431

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