"The cities of tomorrow must be smart cities, utilizing scant resources to best effect," comments ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele. "Smart cities' are needed to safeguard their inhabitants' rights to a liveable, sustainable environment. When people live in close proximity, everyone and everything must work together. That’s where ISO comes in."

The January 2013 edition provides an overview of the major concerns of cities today and highlights how International Standards contribute to building smart cities by improving energy efficiency, increasing safety, planning sustainable urban development, developing reliable road networks and effective means of transportation, reducing pollution and dealing with water and wastewater management.

Governments, municipalities and the public at large can draw on ISO standards to meet the needs of city dwellers in a fast-paced and rapidly urbanizing world. They can help tackle climate change, address security and transport issues, and ensure the quality of water services, even in disasters.

The January 2013 edition of ISO Focus+ also features an exclusive interview with the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Victaulic, John F. Malloy, who says, "The nature of our business [in pipe-joining systems] and the breadth of markets in which we operate necessitate a global perspective. International Standards are part of the Victaulic difference."

John F. Malloy gives his views on the importance of ISO standards in the global marketplace and the benefits of participating in their development.

“As we design and develop solutions, it is important that we adhere to, or even exceed, these standards to support customers worldwide in any industry we serve. It is equally important that we be involved in organizations such as ISO that are helping propel these industries forward in terms of better quality, safety and protection.”

Other highlights in this January edition include articles on the following:

ISO Focus+, January 2013

Smart cities