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Instituto Angolano de Normalização e Qualidade was created in 1996, within the Ministry of Industry.

Both products made and services performed in Angola, as well as imported goods will be covered by IANORQ's activity.
It is expected that a uniform standard system will improve the clarity of the domestic market and make possible a more streamlined export promotion campaign.
IANORQ's objective is to set up a National Quality System for improving the quality of products and services.

In the field of standardization, IANORQ is working to harmonize its standards with those of other SADC countries and with international standards (ISO, IEC, CODEX). In this regard, it drafted recently a number of Angolan Standards that are now being circulated for comments and cover such products as iodized salt, wheat, wheat flour, maize and maize flour.

In the field of metrology, the Weights and Measures Act has been approved and a small calibration laboratory for mass and volume units is expected to be set up shortly.
Since 2002, the metrology laboratory has been carrying out verification and calibration activities.

According to decree Nº 44/05 issued in April 2005, which approves new statutes for IANORQ, the accreditation activities will be conducted by a separate body to be created.

Instituto Angolano de Normalização e Qualidade

Ministério da Geologia e Minas e da Industria
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