Membership: Member body

ABENOR operates under the Ministry of Industry.
The mandate of ABENOR is to:

  • Develop a framework to engage all standardization partners

  • Develop and implement a national standardization and certification policy

  • Coordinate national standards development work

  • Ensure the promotion, adoption and voluntary use of standards

  • Implement the National Certification Scheme for Products and Services, and operate the national conformity marking system

  • Ensure reliability of the National Standardization and Quality Management System

  • Ensure representation of Benin on regional and international standards, certification and accreditation bodies

  • Propose to the Government of Benin standards that should be mandatory

  • Develop certification activities to ensure compliance with standards

  • Coordinate facilitation of standardization and capacity building in Benin

  • Promote the quality and reliability of products, goods and services, including for environmental protection

  • Provide technical secretariat services for standardization within the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) area.

Agence Béninoise de Normalisation et de Gestion de la Qualité

Immeuble Trinité Quartier Avleketecondji, 1ère Von à droite Après le Carrefour Caboma

Tel: +229 21 31 04 49
Fax: +229 21 31 04 49
E-mail: cebenorbenin@yahoo.fr


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