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SPRING SG's mission is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises for a vibrant Singapore economy. As the champion for local enterprises, SPRING focuses on the following four strategic thrusts to enable the growth of enterprises:

  1. Nurturing a pro-business environment that supports enterprise formation and growth;
  2. Supporting and driving the development of key industries;
  3. Enhancing the productivity and innovation, and capabilities of enterprises;
  4. Increasing access to markets and business opportunities.

SPRING is the national body for standards and accreditation. As the national standards body, it manages the national standardization programme and helps companies and industry to meet international standards and conformity requirements. SPRING achieves this by creating awareness of the importance of standardization by setting up an information infrastructure to educate companies and industry on the latest developments. In addition, SPRING is the national authority for the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies. It also enforces the Weights & Measures Act and manages the Singapore Consumer Protection Registration Scheme.

Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board

2 Fusionopolis Way
#15-01 Innovis
Singapore 138634

Tel: +65 6279 1805
Fax: +65 6659 0639
E-mail: standards@enterprisesg.gov.sg



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