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The NSI is established by Section 2 of the Standards Act, 2005 (Act No. 18 of 2005) as the national standards body of Namibia responsible for the promotion of standardization and quality assurance in the industry, commerce and the public sector in Namibia, with the aim of improving product quality, industrial efficiency and productivity and promoting trade so as to achieve optimum benefit for the people of Namibia.

The NSI Core Ideology consists in the following:
To be the key National Standards Body contributing to a world class economy in Namibia known for excellence.

Promoting standardization of products for the safety of consumers, protection of the environment and improved access to global markets.

Brand Promise
Creating Peace of Mind.
Core Values
- Focused on performance but fair on people;
- Standardized Excellence;
- Streamlined efficiency; and
- Stakeholder and customer-centric service.

The NSI Strategic Plan for 2008/2012 has identified the following Strategic themes in line with the NSI Core Ideology:
- Building people capability and capacity ahead of demand;
- Continuously improve operational efficiency and effectiveness;
- Establish a clear footprint and identity for the nsi as the national standards body;
- Developing and maintaining operational capability to cover the mandate; and
- Meeting all service delivery requirements.

Namibian Standards Institution

Head Office
M1, Channel Life Tower
Post Street Mall
P.O Box 26364

Tel: +264 61 386 400
Fax: +264 61 386 454
E-mail: uundjenu@nsi.com.na

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