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What we unpack in this issue is the contribution of ISO standards to solving many of today’s travel related challenges, including the need to accelerate sustainable practices and production patterns. It explains the economics of the travel industry to create jobs, boost a country’s economy and raise living standards while protecting the best a country has to offer.


Travel in depth

This issue highlights the fastest growing trends in travel and tourism, including sustainability and medical tourism. 

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The colour of sustainable tourism
The colour of sustainable tourism

By Rick Gould

Adventure, responsible and green travel are reinventing the way communities, ecosystems and economies interact. We examine how ISO standards are supporting this trend.

About 1.6 million divers and snorkellers visit Egypt every year and now there are around 300 diving centres.

Martin Denison.


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Heading abroad for health
Heading abroad for health

By Robert Bartram

With the current level of income disparity between nations, even those geographically close to one another, it is hardly surprising that the provision of public services can vary a great deal from country to country. This is nowhere more the case than with healthcare, in which the relatively new phenomenon of “medical tourism” is already booming.

Trust me, I’m a total stranger…
Trust me, I’m a total stranger…

By Barnaby Lewis

Put in these terms, most of us would run a mile, whatever the proposition. But the popularity of online reviews, and the trust we place in persons unknown when making major decisions about where to stay, what to eat and how to get the most from a trip, tells a different story.

Brazil’s big adventure
Brazil’s big adventure

By Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis

If you are looking for new sensations on a tourism trip, Brazil offers options you just can’t miss. As adventure tourism grows in popularity, we asked Ricardo Fragoso, General Officer at ABNT, ISO’s member in Brazil, why the country is fast becoming a world reference for outdoor activities.

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