Smart farming

The agricultural sector is set to face enormous challenges in order to feed the 9.6 billion people that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) predicts are going to inhabit the planet by 2050. So what’s the solution? Welcome to smart farming.

This issue examines how high-tech farming techniques and technologies can improve production output while minimizing cost and preserving resources. Among the experts interviewed are agricultural machinery companies, United Nations leaders and standards professionals from around the world, in fields ranging from climate-smart farming to sustainable cocoa and nutritious dairy production.

Smart farming

We examines how high-tech farming techniques and technologies can improve production output while minimizing cost and preserving resources.

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The future of farming
The future of farming

By Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis

The challenge of how we’ll feed the exploding world population in the future – in a sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way – is seeding an agricultural revolution. Welcome to farming of the future : a hi-tech, capital-intensive system of growing food sustainably and cleanly for the masses.

The ISOBUS standard (ISO 11783) allows our customers to connect devices of different equipment manufacturers to ‘talk’ to each other

Dr Bernhard Schmitz, Commercial Manager of Fuse Technologies at AGCO


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Fonterra’s quest for sustainable  dairy nutrition
Fonterra’s quest for sustainable dairy nutrition

Are you among the one billion people around the world who enjoy the nutritional benefits of dairy from Fonterra and wonder how sustainable dairy production is? The latest ISOfocus interview with Carolyn Mortland, Director, Social Responsibility, at Fonterra helps allay your concerns.

Putting waste to good use
Putting waste to good use

By Maria Lazarte

Wastewater irrigation is an economical and high-in-nutrients option for even the poorest farmers. But, if untreated, the consequences for our health and the environment can be catastrophic. Discover the techniques that could transform agriculture as we know it, offering perhaps the most sustainable and efficient use of resources available today.

Precision farming takes off
Precision farming takes off

By Barnaby Lewis

Companies created quite a buzz this year with the announcement that their plans to use drones to deliver packages are becoming a reality. As the technology continues to evolve, the number of users of, and uses for, unmanned aircraft systems has risen to new heights. The need for an International Standard is clear, but what’s the link with farming?

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