Hi-tech heats up

Innovation… What does it mean? How do you inspire it? And which innovations are poised to make the biggest impact? What was sci-fi yesterday is reality today, as innovations we once saw only in movies have become commonplace technology.

In this issue, we hone in on innovation. We point out some examples of technologies and concepts that originated in science-fiction, but can now be found in everyday life. From drones to additive manufacturing or nanotechnologies, standards are being developed to help develop solutions. It is from these solutions that advanced technologies continue to thrive to create efficiencies and simplify our worlds.

Hi-tech heats up

What was sci-fi yesterday is reality today. We point out some examples of technologies and concepts that originated in science-fiction, but can now be found in everyday life.

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More than just plastic bottles

With around 250 million tonnes of plastics consumed worldwide, ensuring the highest possible levels of safety is one of the industry's greatest priorities.

Here, as the new Chair of the ISO technical committee for plastics and rubber machines, Claudio Celata shares his thoughts about the industry, its exponential growth, and why uniform and consistent standards are important.

Plastics have become essential in a wide range of sectors.

Claudio Claudio, Chair of ISO/TC 270

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Dräger grows  its global business
Dräger grows its global business

By Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis

As an international corporation that does the majority of its business in markets outside of Germany, Dräger has a long history of developing global product standards in the fields of medical and safety technology. Here, the company’s management tells us how a culture of standards has made the brand one of the most successful today.

Manufacturing our 3D future
Manufacturing our 3D future

By Sandrine Tranchard & Vivienne Rojas

Don’t be afraid to see big. Additive manufacturing – known in popular culture as 3D printing – is a concept that has captured the attention of many with its science fiction connotations. Yet the technology is important not just for its current capabilities, but even more so for its future potential.
Drone innovation reaches new heights
Drone innovation reaches new heights

By Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis

For years, drones have been left in limbo, with no standards in existence to guide the industry or its exponential growth. Now, finally, drone innovation is being taken to new heights. To understand what this means, we reached out to several people across the industry. Here’s what they had to say.

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