Do standards impact a company’s bottom line?

Short answer: Yes, they do. In this issue, we explore some of the ways in which standards offer opportunities for an equal, level playing field and economic growth. We highlight how businesses – both large and small – can calculate the savings and benefits they make today – which amounts to a whopping 5 % of a company’s revenue in some cases. Talk about tangible!

Levelling the playing field

We explore some of the ways in which standards offer opportunities for an equal, level playing field and economic growth. 

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How standards help the cream rise to the top

Raised on a dairy farm in southern Ontario, Canada, the young John Walter, now CEO of the Standards Council of Canada and ISO Vice-President (policy), never thought that a childhood spent milking cows would lead to a career in standards. Here, he tells us how life in the creamery can generate unsuspected rewards.

What could be more enjoyable than an ice cream cone or sundae, whipped up thanks to the many benefits of standards.

John Walter

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Cheers to quality
Cheers to quality

By Maria Lazarte

For some, the choice is simple: light or dark, lager or ale. But for the true beer lover, the stakes are higher, the options wider. It all boils down to the flavours and qualities of the different brands, something that Dr. Isaac Sheps, President of Russia’s largest brewery, knows only too well. “My first love is beer, my second, quality,” he says with a smile. Here is why.
Enter the first cyborg-type robot
Enter the first cyborg-type robot

By Maria Lazarte

What if cyborgs were real? Partly robot, partly man, functioning as one. No, we are not talking science fiction anymore. The first one is here and his name is HAL.
Show me the money
Show me the money

By Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis

The theory that standards slow growth is bunk. In fact, they are an economic opportunity. How do we know? Because these savings and advantages can be determined. A method to calculate the benefits of standards now enables companies to see how much they are making. And the figures are fascinating.

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