• Secretary:
    M Nicolas Fleury
  • Chairperson:
    Dr Xiaogang Zhang
  • Creation date: 1947


The operations of ISO are governed by the Council, consisting of the Officers, the Chairs of the policy development committees (CASCO, COPOLCO, DEVCO) and twenty elected member bodies.

Council appoints the Secretary-General, the Treasurer, the fifteen members of the Technical Management Board, and the Chairs of the policy development committees. It also decides on the annual budget of the Central Secretariat.

The Council is chaired by the President.

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Participating members

Reference Title Type
ISO/COUNCIL/AHG 2 AHG on ISO governance Working group
ISO/COUNCIL/ITSAG Information Technology Strategy Advisory Group (ITSAG) Working group
ISO/COUNCIL/WG 4 Nominations review committee Working group
ISO/CSC/FIN Council Standing Committee on Finance (CSC/FIN) Sub committee
ISO/CSC/SPC Strategy and Policy Committee (CSC/SPC) Sub committee
Date Month Location TC/SC Note
18 September 2017 Berlin (Germany) ISO/COUNCIL  
28-1 February-March 2018 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) ISO/COUNCIL *
12-13 June 2018 São Paulo (Brazil) ISO/COUNCIL *
24 September 2018 Geneva (Switzerland) ISO/COUNCIL *

* Information definite but meeting not yet formally convened
** Provisional