CASCO is the ISO committee that works on issues relating to conformity assessment.

CASCO develops policy and publishes standards related to conformity assessment, it does not perform conformity assessment activities. Membership to CASCO is open to full and correspondent members.

Are you involved in conformity assessment?

We have standards, publications, interpretations and other resources about conformity assessment.

How is CASCO organized?

CASCO is made up of a number of groups that take care of different tasks.

Standards development work 

CASCO’s standards development work is carried out by working groups of experts who are put forward by the ISO member bodies. The experts do not always belong to the member body but represent an expertise required by the working group.

Read more about current standards development projects.


Membership to CASCO is open to all ISO members. Details of current members can be found in the full list of CASCO members.

Policy work

CASCO’s policy work is carried out by three groups:

  • Chairs Policy and Coordination Group (CPC) coordinates the technical work of CASCO and assists the CASCO Chair in identifying strategic conformity assessment issues.
  • Technical Interface Group (TIG) liaises with other ISO technical committees (TCs) in order to ensure a consistent and harmonized approach to conformity assessment in those TCs.
  • Strategic Alliance and Regulatory Group (STAR) provides a forum for industry sectors and regulators to interact with CASCO.

Standard and/or project under direct responsibility of the ISO/CASCO secretariat


Reinaldo B. Figueiredo
Reinaldo B. Figueiredo
Caroline Outa-Ogweno
Caroline B. Outa-Ogweno
CASCO Vice-Chair
Cristina Draghici
Cristina Draghici
CASCO Secretary
ISO Central Secretariat


    The current COVID-19 situation is causing unprecedented levels of uncertainty for businesses, consumers, regulators and governments.
  • Conformity assessment during COVID-19

    The Strategic Alliance and Regulatory Group of CASCO surveyed those working in conformity assessment to understand their challenges related to COVID-19.

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CASCO Liaisons

CASCO has established liaisons with international organizations active in conformity assessment. The aim of many of these liaisons is to promote the CASCO toolbox (collection of CASCO standards) and the harmonization of conformity assessment activities throughout the world. Details can be found in the full list of organizations in liaison with CASCO (bottom of the page).

CASCO also works with different ISO technical committees whose work is related to conformity assessment. Details can be found in the full list of technical committees in liaison with CASCO.

CASCO also has an active partnership with ISO’s standardization partner, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). IEC is responsible for International Standards in the electrical, electronic and related areas, as well as operating a number of global certification schemes for products in its field. The majority of CASCO documents are published as joint ISO and IEC documents.


Collection of CASCO Standards

ISO/CASCO – Committee on conformity assessment

More information on the technical committees in liaison with CASCO, organizations in liaison, CASCO’s work programme and contact details.

International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC is the world’s leading organization for the preparation and publication of International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.