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2013-05-21 - How Can Standards Ensure Consumer Protection - Valletta, Malta

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Photos from the Workshop Photos from the ISO/COPOLCO workshop 2013 2013-06-6  
Workshop programme Innovating Food products - How can Standards ensure consumer protection? 2013-06-6 1.9 MB
Welcome speech - How Can Standards Ensure Consumer Protection by Dr. Helena Dalli, Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties 2013-06-6 16 KB
Attendance list - 21 May - Valletta, Malta 2013-06-6 70 KB
ISO COPOLCO Workshop Opening by Mrs. Norma McCormick, Chair of COPOLCO 2013-06-6 9 KB
What are the challenges of new developments for consumer protection? by Mr. Luke Upchurch, Head of Communications and Stakeholder Relations, CI 2013-06-6 1.4 MB
Bringing consumer protection to the heart of standards development by Mr. Ruggero Lensi, Director of External Relations, New Business and Innovation, UNI, Italy 2013-06-6 1.5 MB
Ensuring product safety through innovation and best practice in market surveillance by Mr. Noël Toledo, Consultant, Market Surveillance and Product Safety 2013-06-6 1.2 MB
How can data collection and analysis improve consumer protection? by Ms. Ruth Mackay, Chair of the OECD Working Party on Consumer Porduct Safety 2013-06-6 1 MB
Improving consumer product safety - New product recall standards by Ms. Ratna Devi Nadarajan, Secretary, ISO/TC 240, Product recall 2013-06-6 1.1 MB
How can standards innovation and good practices enhance food safety for consumers? by Mr. Alister Dalrymple, AFAQ/AFNOR (France) and Convenor Joint Working Group, ISO Committee on conformity assessment (CASCO) and ISO/TC 34/WG 17, Food safety management systems certification 2013-06-6 706 KB
Food Safety - Challenges and Innovations by Dr. Eunsook Moon 2013-06-6 1.3 MB
Standards and Innovation - The contribution of ISO 10377, Consumer product safety - Guidelines for suppliers by Dr. Elizabeth Nielsen, Chair, ISO/TC 243, Consumer product safety 2013-06-6 759 KB
Food Safety - Consumer protection? by Ms. Christine Heemskerk, Chairman Training Standards Institute 2013-06-6 547 KB
Food Safety - Innovation and consumer protection - Challenge or opportunity for food safety (Colombian case) by Ms. Sandra C. Herrera V. (ICONTEC) 2013-06-6 842 KB
COPOLCO Workshop 2013 closing remarks by Mrs. Norma McCormick, Chair of ISO/COPOLCO 2013-06-11 33 KB
COPOLCO Workshop 2013 Summary of the proceedings in PPT. by Mr. Clif Johnston (South Africa) 2013-06-11 147 KB

14 October 2014

World Standards Day

Standards level the playing field

With international standards SMEs are able to take part in global value chains and benefit from technology transfer.
Countries that have mainstreamed international standards in their policies and regulations are able to better protect their populations and give them a bigger choice of quality products.


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