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2013-05-21 - How Can Standards Ensure Consumer Protection - Valletta, Malta

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Photos from the Workshop Photos from the ISO/COPOLCO workshop 2013 2013-06-6  
Workshop programme Innovating Food products - How can Standards ensure consumer protection? 2013-06-6 1.9 MB
Welcome speech - How Can Standards Ensure Consumer Protection by Dr. Helena Dalli, Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties 2013-06-6 16 KB
Attendance list - 21 May - Valletta, Malta 2013-06-6 70 KB
ISO COPOLCO Workshop Opening by Mrs. Norma McCormick, Chair of COPOLCO 2013-06-6 9 KB
What are the challenges of new developments for consumer protection? by Mr. Luke Upchurch, Head of Communications and Stakeholder Relations, CI 2013-06-6 1.4 MB
Bringing consumer protection to the heart of standards development by Mr. Ruggero Lensi, Director of External Relations, New Business and Innovation, UNI, Italy 2013-06-6 1.5 MB
Ensuring product safety through innovation and best practice in market surveillance by Mr. Noël Toledo, Consultant, Market Surveillance and Product Safety 2013-06-6 1.2 MB
How can data collection and analysis improve consumer protection? by Ms. Ruth Mackay, Chair of the OECD Working Party on Consumer Porduct Safety 2013-06-6 1 MB
Improving consumer product safety - New product recall standards by Ms. Ratna Devi Nadarajan, Secretary, ISO/TC 240, Product recall 2013-06-6 1.1 MB
How can standards innovation and good practices enhance food safety for consumers? by Mr. Alister Dalrymple, AFAQ/AFNOR (France) and Convenor Joint Working Group, ISO Committee on conformity assessment (CASCO) and ISO/TC 34/WG 17, Food safety management systems certification 2013-06-6 706 KB
Food Safety - Challenges and Innovations by Dr. Eunsook Moon 2013-06-6 1.3 MB
Standards and Innovation - The contribution of ISO 10377, Consumer product safety - Guidelines for suppliers by Dr. Elizabeth Nielsen, Chair, ISO/TC 243, Consumer product safety 2013-06-6 759 KB
Food Safety - Consumer protection? by Ms. Christine Heemskerk, Chairman Training Standards Institute 2013-06-6 547 KB
Food Safety - Innovation and consumer protection - Challenge or opportunity for food safety (Colombian case) by Ms. Sandra C. Herrera V. (ICONTEC) 2013-06-6 842 KB
COPOLCO Workshop 2013 closing remarks by Mrs. Norma McCormick, Chair of ISO/COPOLCO 2013-06-11 33 KB
COPOLCO Workshop 2013 Summary of the proceedings in PPT. by Mr. Clif Johnston (South Africa) 2013-06-11 147 KB