From Assistive products to Zinc alloys.

Here you’ll find a list of the ISO technical committees in the order in which they were created. The first, TC1, deals with screw threads and was created back in 1947. While, more recently, TC 323 was created to standardize the circular economy.

Clicking on the committee name will give you more specific information, such as who’s the chairman and which ISO member holds the secretariat. You can also consult the program of work to see what meetings are coming up and what standards are in the pipeline. 

Reference Title ISOTC working area Published standards Standards under development
ISO/TC 176 Quality management and quality assurance Working area 23 6
ISO/TC 251 Asset management Working area 4 6
ISO/TC 258 Project, programme and portfolio management Working area 8 5
ISO/TC 260 Human resource management Working area 30 7
ISO/TC 266 Biomimetics Working area 6 0
ISO/TC 279 Innovation management Working area 8 4
ISO/TC 286 Collaborative business relationship management Working area 7 2
ISO/TC 289 Brand evaluation Working area 4 1
ISO/TC 290 Online reputation [STANDBY] Working area 1 0
ISO/TC 308 Chain of custody Working area 1 2
ISO/TC 309 Governance of organizations Working area 6 9
ISO/TC 324 Sharing economy Working area 3 3
ISO/PC 335 Guidelines for organizations to increase consumer understanding of online terms and conditions Working area 0 1
ISO/PC 337 Guidelines for the promotion and implementation of gender equality Working area 0 1