Technical outage impacting applications and websites

ISO is currently experiencing an IT infrastructure outage that is impacting our applications and websites. Thank you for your understanding as we work hard to get everything up and running as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available, please refer to the table below for the latest status of each application.


JAN 28, 14:50 CET has been restored with limited functionality. TC websites are now fully available.

JAN 28, 08:00 CET

The Global Directory has been restored with limited functionality.

Jan 27, 10:30 CET

Some applications are being restored with limited functionality.

Jan 27, 08:22 CET

Identified - The outage has been identified and relates to an IT infrastructure outage. We are working on it and will keep you informed

Jan 26, 16:01 CET

Investigating - We are currently facing a technical outage impacting our application's availability and performance. This outage is under investigation. Updates will be posted as necessary.

Technical status details

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Status page
Application Status
ISO Ballots Unavailable
ISO Connect Fully available
ISO Documents Unavailable
ISO Meetings Limited functionality Limited functionality
ISO Projects Unavailable
ISO STD Unavailable
Comment collation tool Unavailable
Global Directory Limited functionality
ICE Unavailable
ISOlutions apps Limited functionality
Online Browsing Platform (OBP) Unavailable
STADIST Download Unavailable
Submission interface Unavailable
TC websites Fully available
Webstore Unavailable

If the application/website you are experiencing issues with is not in this list please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I preview or buy a standard?

No, we are still working on getting this service back up and running.

What do you mean by “unavailable”?

For the moment, it means that you are unable to access, use or take any action within the applications.

What do you mean by “limited functionality”?

For the moment, it means that might be able to access the tool, and carry out a limited number of actions and/or access certain functionalities.

I am an ISOlutions member, are my national applications impacted?

Yes. National documents, ballots and webstores (under ISOlutions) are currently unavailable. The national Meetings application remains available with limited functionality.

How is ISO Meetings affected?

ISO Meetings is currently available; however you will be unable to add any new documents for the moment. You can still create, view and make changes to meetings.
Zoom is also fully available.

Since I can’t cast a vote in ISO Ballots, what does this mean for the deadline/process?

Open ballots are impacted by this outage, as voters are unable to cast their votes while the application is unavailable. As soon as the balloting application is available (date still to be confirmed), voters will be informed that any open ballots which were due to close during the downtime of the application, are extended by 5 days.

When do you think the sites and tools will be back up?

We are doing our best to shorten the down time - This page will be updated as sites and tools start to come back online. We will outline what goes back online as soon as we can.