Technical outage impacting applications and websites

ISO experienced an IT infrastructure outage that impacted our applications and websites. Due to this outage, some applications were temporarily unavailable or access to certain functionalities limited.
We are pleased to inform you that all applications are now available.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding as we were working through this issue.


FEB 4, 16:30 CET

Global Directory, ISOlutions National Ballots, Notifications, now fully available.

FEB 4, 13:30 CET

ISO Documents now fully functional.

FEB 3, 18:00 CET

ISO Projects, ISO Ballots and Submission interface now functional.

FEB 2, 18:00 CET

ISOlutions National Documents* restored with limited functionality.

JAN 31, 18:00 CET

Online Browsing Platform, the ISO Webstore, ISOlutions Webstores, ISO Standards Maintenance Portal, ISO Content Exchange (ICE) repository and STS Metadata service have been restored and are now fully available. is now also fully functional.

JAN 31, 13:00 CET has been restored with limited functionality

JAN 28, 14:50 CET has been restored with limited functionality. Technical Committee websites are now fully available.

JAN 28, 08:00 CET

The Global Directory has been restored with limited functionality.

Jan 27, 10:30 CET

Some applications are being restored with limited functionality.

Jan 27, 08:22 CET

Identified - The outage has been identified and relates to an IT infrastructure outage. We are working on it and will keep you informed

Jan 26, 16:01 CET

Investigating - We are currently facing a technical outage impacting our application's availability and performance. This outage is under investigation. Updates will be posted as necessary.

Technical status details

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Status page
Communication, Marketing and Sales Status Fully available
ISO Connect Fully available
Technical Committees websites Fully available
ISO Webstore Fully available
Online Browsing Platform (OBP) Fully available
ISO Standards Maintenance Portal Fully available
Applications supporting the development of Standards Status
Global Directory Fully available
ISO Documents Fully available
ISO Ballots (Electronic Balloting) Fully available
ISO Meetings Fully available
ISO Projects Fully available
Submission interface Fully available
Notifications Fully available
Access to ISO deliverables (incl. standards and publications) Status
ISO Content Exchange (ICE) repository Fully available
ISO Standards (ISOSTD) repository Fully available
ISOlutions and services provided to members and partners Status
ISOlutions National Documents* Fully available
ISOlutions National Meetings Fully available
ISOlutions National Projects Fully available
ISOlutions National Ballots Fully available
ISOlutions Webstores Fully available
National Mirror Committees Fully available
API Services Fully available
STS Metadata service Fully available
Watermarking service Fully available
ISONET Distribution service Fully available

If the application/website you are experiencing issues with is not in this list please contact
* Except for CYS (Cyprus), and MSB (Mauritius) who have already migrated to the new Documents platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the consequences of the outage on ballot end dates?

To ensure that ballot duration periods are fully respected, all ballots have automatically been extended by a duration equivalent to the outage period. Therefore, any ballots due to close during the outage are still open. The new end date for each ballot can be seen directly in the Ballot application.