Schenzhen LED Standards Alliance, China

This is a study conducted to determine the non-economic benefits of standards developed by the Shenzhen LED Standards Alliance (LSA) for the LED lighting industry. The assessment focuses on three types of LSA member organizations: two manufacturers, three suppliers and one consumer of the LED lighting enterprises and institutions in LSA. Manufacturers and suppliers use some external standards for specifications on safety, measurement, compatibility, etc. in addition to LSA standards. However, it is the application of two LSA standards: SQL/LSA 001 Technical specification and energy efficiency requirements for LED street lighting products and SQL/LSA 003 Interchangeability of key components and general interfaces for LED street lamps that have a particularly beneficial impact for LSA member enterprises. Implementing these standards have enabled manufacturers and suppliers to streamline their industry, make savings in resources (human, materials and storage), improve product quality and technical skills, achieve a stronger market influence and customer confidence. Consumers gain through savings in expenditure, resources (maintenance, manpower and materials), and energy and lower their carbon emissions.



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