Content Types
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The elements in TBX-ISO-TML that can contain text can be formatted in various ways to support presentational styles such as bold, italics, and superscript. The level of formatting allowed is defined in the two entities: basicText and simpleText. The actual types of formatting allowed are defined in the entity highlight-elements.

Some elements allow no formatting at all.

No formatting
The following elements allow no formatting at all, because their content is meant to be a plain value:
  • geographicalUsage
  • subjectField
  • xGraphic
  • xMathML
  • xSource
The entity simpleText includes the highlighting elements plus ordinary text. The following elements take simpleText as their content:
  • entailedTerm
  • TO ADD: crossReference, externalCrossReference, see
  • pronunciation
  • source
  • term
The entity basicText includes the highlighting elements, ordinary text, and entailedTerm (a pointer to another term). The following elements take basicText as their content:
  • definition
  • example
  • note
  • usageNote