Element tig
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The element tbx:tig stands for "term information group". It is a nesting element that encloses all elements that describe a term. It is often referred to as the term section.

The tbx:tig element must include one and only one term, and one and only one part of speech. The remaining elements are optional but can only occur once if used, except for usage notes of which there can be more than one.

Diagram tig-attlist term partOfSpeech geographicalUsage grammaticalGender grammaticalNumber normativeAuthorization pronunciation ISO-TBX_xsd_Element_tbx_termType.tmp#termType usageNote
Used by
Contains term , partOfSpeech , geographicalUsage{0,1} , grammaticalGender{0,1} , grammaticalNumber{0,1} , normativeAuthorization{0,1} , pronunciation{0,1} , termType{0,1} , usageNote*
Name Type Use
id ID optional
Example Example of tig.