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The termType data category identifies if a term is of a specific sub-type such as an acronym or a symbol. Each term can have only one term type. This data category is contained in tig and should follow the grammatical data categories (part of speech, gender, number).

The value attribute is required. See supported term type values.

This is an empty element, for example:
<tbx:termType value="acronym"/>

The termType data category is recommended when you have several terms (synonyms) in the entry and they vary by virtue of one being an abbreviation or variant of the main term, for example. But if the entry only contains one term, there is no purpose for using termType.

The term type has no specific rendering or labelling in the published standard. It is mostly required for filtering and extraction purposes, such as if ISO would eventually like to publish a reference document of acronyms or symbols.

Diagram termType-attlist
Used by
Name Values Use
value (acronym | abbreviation | fullForm | symbol | variant | formula | equation) required
Example Example of termType (symbol) and termType (fullForm and acronym).