Element termEntry
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The tbx:termEntry element is the root element of a terminological entry. It contains all the elements, and their attributes, that describe a concept and all the terms that denote that concept, in all languages. The id attribute is a unique identifier that can be used to point to the entry in hyperlinks from other entries.

The termEntry element is often referred to as the "concept level" of the entry. At this level, only external-type references (references that point to locations outside of the document) plus the various langSet elements are allowed.

Diagram termEntry-attlist externalCrossReference xGraphic xMathML xSource langSet
Used by term-sec. This element is part of the ISO Standards Tag Set.
Contains (externalCrossReference | xGraphic | xMathML | xSource) , langSet+
Name Type Use
id D optional
Example Example of termEntry.