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The tbx:term element encloses a representation of a concept by a sign which denotes it. This sign can be a “term”, a symbol, or a graphic. In glossaries and other terminology resources, designations are primarily “terms”, which is why the element tbx:term is used.

The ID attribute provides a unique identifier for the designation, which shall be generated using URN schemas. This ID can be used for cross-referencing purposes, i.e. such as to allow a crossReference from another entry to point to this term, using its target attribute.

The language of the term is inherited from the xml:lang attribute value on the parent langSet element.

This element is repeatable in the entry (each in its own tig section), as an entry can contain multiple designations, which are thus synonyms. However, it is extremely important that each tbx:term element encloses only one term. That is, do not include two terms in the element, as in the following incorrect example: <tbx:term>access control list (ACL)</term>

The tbx:term element can contain some embedded markup.

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Used by
Contains simpleText
Name Type Use
id ID optional
script CDATA optional
Example Example of term.