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The highlight-elements entity encompases a wide range of inline markup tags for use in text elements such as definitions, notes, and examples, and also in the tbx:term and tbx:pronunciation elements. They are implemented through the entities basicText and simpleText. All these elements are part of the ISO Standards Tag Set (ISOSTS). For more information about these elements, see the ISOSTS documentation.
Used by
Example of list <tbx:note> Nonconformity will generally be classified by its degree of
seriousness, such as:
<list list-type="unordered">
<p><bold>Class A.</bold> Nonconformity of a type considered to
be of the highest concern for the product or service.</p>
<p><bold>Class B.</bold> Nonconformity of a type considered to
have the next lower degree of concern.</p>
Example of table <tbx:note>
<table-wrap id="TN0.170">
<p>Numbers of patients receiving institutional care ...</p>

<th colspan="3" align="center" rowspan="1">Institutional
<th colspan="2" align="center" rowspan="1">&Bed
use (days)</th>
<td align="center">208/1224</td>
<td align="center">244/1214</td>
<td align="center">0.77 (0.52 to 1.13)</td>
<td align="center">15.0</td>
<td align="center">16.4</td>