Element crossReference
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The tbx:crossReference element is a hyperlinking element that points to the location of another term, usually a related term (including antonyms and homonyms). The element content contains the display text of the link. This element will be prepended with the label Related term: in the rendered output.

Do not use a formulation such as "Note: See xxx" for a cross-reference to another term.

A crossReference cannot be embedded into a definition or an example. For that purpose, use entailedTerm.

The target attribute is optional for crossReference, and mandatory for externalCrossReference.

This data category is repeatable; you can include as many as you want in an entry.

A crossReference can only occur at the langSet level, whereas an externalCrossReference can occur at either the langSet or the termEntry level.

Diagram crossReference-attlist
Used by
Contains PCDATA
Name Type Use
script CDATA optional
target IDREF optional
xml:lang CDATA optional
Example Example of crossReference.