Uniform Resource Name

Gives a Uniform Resource Name (URN) for the enclosing standard, using the URN namespace defined in RFC 5141.


Value: The URN is a string which begins with the prefix “urn:iso:std:” and continues with information identifying the document and the applicable supplements. (The “docelement” and “addition” constructs of RFC 5141 are not used here.) For example, the URN “urn:iso:std:iso:2560:ed-3:v1:en” refers to the first (and perhaps only) version of the third edition of ISO 2560, in English. The URN “urn:iso:std:iso:19719:ed-1:v1:en,fr” denotes the first version of the first edition of ISO 19719, which is published bilingually in English and French.

Conversion Note: The URN is not necessarily present in the Word versions of ISO documents; it must be constructed according to the rules of RFC 5141 from the information given.

This element is part of the ISOSTS customization of the JATS journal publishing vocabulary; it is not part of the base vocabulary.

Related Elements

Model Description

Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more

This element may be contained in:



      <title-wrap xml:lang="en">...</title-wrap>
      <std-ref type="dated">ISO 2560</std-ref>
      <std-ref type="undated">ISO 2560:2009</std-ref>
      <doc-ref>ISO 2560:2009(en)</doc-ref>
      <comm-ref>ISO/TC 44/SC 3</comm-ref>
      <page-count count="29"/>