Style Type

Description or explanation of the stylistic difference being recorded (for example, illuminated letters, drop cap).


This attribute could be used to point to a <custom-meta> pair that records addition styling information.

For example, the front matter might contain <custom-meta> elements defining styles named “Amsterdam”, “Baltimore”, and “Casablanca”, which differ in their indentation, thus:

	  <meta-value>text-indent: 0;</meta-value>
	  <meta-value>text-indent: 1em;</meta-value>
	  <meta-value>text-indent: 3em;</meta-value>

When it is necessary to assign a style type manually to an element instead of handling it through a stylesheet, individual elements which can bear this attribute can be assigned the appropriate style, thus:

    <p style-type="Amsterdam">
      The assessed working position is the feeding and cutting of
      a stack of paper with a paper trimmer press, powered by
      compressed air and elecricity.  Three basic tasks
      have been identified and analysed:<list>
	  <p>positioning of the paper stack;</p>
	  <p>pressure on the paper stack;</p>
	  <p>paper cutting.</p>
    <p style-type="Casablanca">
      For the purposes of this document, the following
      terms and definitions apply.

Attribute Values

In Elements

Value Meaning
Data characters Text, numbers, or special characters.
Restriction: This attribute may be specified if the element is used.