Prefix Word (For a List Item)

Word or phrase that is to be added to the beginning of each item in a list (for example, “ Step ”, “ Procedure ”).


Display/Formatting Note: Any prefix word is in addition to and typically precedes any prefix characters (numbers, bullets). For example, a list type of “ order ” and a prefix word of “ Step ” would produce: “ Step1. aaaa ”, “ Step2. bbbb ”, “ Step3. cccc ”, etc. Note that typically, no white space follows the inserted word, i.e., “ Step ” rather than “ Step ”.

The standard exception to this order is the bulleted list, in which the prefix character would precede the prefix word—“ • Step ” rather than “ Step• ”.

Attribute Values

In Elements

Value Meaning
Data characters Text, numbers, or special characters.
Restriction: This attribute may be specified if the element is used.