Комитет Заголовок
ISO/TC 10/SC 1 Basic conventions
ISO/TC 20/SC 6 Standard atmosphere
ISO/TC 34/SC 8 Tea
ISO/TC 67/SC 2 Pipeline transportation systems
ISO/TC 85/SC 6 Reactor technology
ISO/TC 126/SC 2 Leaf tobacco
ISO/TC 133 Clothing sizing systems - size designation, size measurement methods and digital fittings
ISO/TC 137 Footwear sizing designations and marking systems
ISO/TC 166 Ceramic ware, glassware and glass ceramic ware in contact with food
ISO/TC 176/SC 2 Quality systems
ISO/TC 265 Carbon dioxide capture, transportation, and geological storage
ISO/TC 269/SC 1 Infrastructure
ISO/TC 301 Energy management and energy savings
ISO/PC 310 Wheeled child conveyances