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Выходящий 6 раз в год на английском и французском языках, журнал "ISOфокус" - ваш проводник в мире международной стандартизации.

Идет ли речь о проблемах международной корпорации или поиске идей малым предприятием, "ISOфокус" стремится предоставить концепции, которые будет полезны как для стратегического планирования, так и частные детали, которые могут стать основой для существенных изменений. Международные вопросы охватывают все темы, начиная от ИТ и транспорта до персональных историй. Наша цель - в каждом выпуске донести до вас качественную информацию и самые актуальные и универсально применимые решения в области стандартизации.


This issue is devoted to sustainable development and explores how some of 19 000 ISO standards have provided tools for translating the global desire for a sustainable world into practical actions that achieve positive results.
Opening space
To coincide with the "50 Years of Human Spaceflight", theme of the World Space Week 2011, the special report of this edition is devoted to the discovery of space standards.
Creating global confidence
This issue of ISO Focus+ highlights how ISO standards help create confidence in products, services and in global trade.
Cooking up successful standards
What is ISO’s magic formula? We unveil the tools on which ISO’s success rests: the ISO standards development process.
Donors' money well spent
This issue features an array of articles highlighting the diverse technical assistance projects aimed at developing countries and how these are made possible through the generous support of donor agencies.
Future energy
The issue raises awareness of International Standards as part of the solution to today’s energy issues. It brings together a portfolio of articles from a diverse range of subjects: from electric cars to energy efficiency of buildings.
Success code
This special report looks at ISO 3166 for country codes and its applications in dozens of sectors, as well as the many other ISO standards where “success codes” are making an important impact.
Social responsibility – ISO 26000 tells it like it is
This issue tells social responsibility like it is, and focuses on the growing role that ISO 26000, which provides guidance on SR, is taking in its promotion.
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