Iron and steel products, смотри77.140
Products of non-ferrous metals, смотри77.150
Sawn timber, смотри79.040
Wood-based panels, смотри79.060
Glass, смотри81.040.20
Plastics products, смотри83.140
ICS Поле
91.100.01 Construction materials in general
91.100.10 Cement. Gypsum. Lime. Mortar
91.100.15 Mineral materials and products
Including earth, sands, clay, slates, stones, etc.
91.100.23 Ceramic tiles
91.100.25 Terracotta building products
Including roofing tiles, bricks, etc.
91.100.30 Concrete and concrete products
Including admixtures
91.100.40 Products in fibre-reinforced cement
91.100.50 Binders. Sealing materials
Including geomembranes, asphalts for buildings, etc.
91.100.60 Thermal and sound insulating materials
91.100.99 Other construction materials