ICS Поле
03.100.01 Company organization and management in general
Including legal aspects and risk management, societal security, outsourcing
Security and protection against crime, смотри 13.310
Management systems, смотри 03.100.70
Outsourcing as a business to business service, смотри 03.080.20
03.100.02 Governance and ethics
Including anti-bribery, anti-procurement fraud, corporate social responsibility
03.100.10 Purchasing. Procurement. Logistics
Including asset management, supply chain, etc.
03.100.20 Trade. Commercial function. Marketing
E-commerce, смотри 35.240.60
03.100.30 Management of human resources
Including staff training, staff responsibilities, staff qualifications and certification
Welders' qualifications, смотри 25.160.01
03.100.40 Research and development
Including project management, value analysis, etc.
03.100.50 Production. Production management
03.100.60 Accountancy
03.100.70 Management systems
Including environmental management systems (EMS), road traffic management systems, energy management systems, health care management systems, etc.
03.100.99 Other standards related to company organization and management