Acronym Name
(ISC)2 International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.
3GPP Third Generation Partners Project (3GPP)
5GAA 5GAA – 5G Automotive Association
A-PBA Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association
AAA Asian Apicultural Association
AAC Aluminium Anodizers Council
AACC AACC International
AACEi AACE International
AATCC American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
AAUS American Academy of Underwater Sciences
ABC4Trust ABC4Trust - Attribute-based Credentials for Trust
ABSA American Biological Safety Association
ABU Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
ACCA Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
ACI Airport Council International
ACi_ Association of Corporate Investigators
ACM SIGAda Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Ada
Ada-Europe Ada-Europe
ADRC Asian Disaster Reduction Center
aEA Association of Enterprise Architects
AEF Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation
AEM Association of Equipment Manufacturers
AEQ European Association of Manufacturers of Quality Metal Expansion Joints, Metal Bellow and Metal Hoses
Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group
AES Audio Engineering Society
AFACT Asia Pacific Council for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
AFCA Asian Financial Cooperation Association
AFECOR European Control Manufacturers Association
AFPC Advanced Function Presentation Consortium
African EF AEF
AfWA African Water Association
AGICOA The Association for the International Collective Management of Audiovisual Works
AHWP Asian Harmonization Working Party
AIHA American Industrial Hygiene Association
AIIC International Association of Conference Interpreters
AILA International Association of Applied Linguistics
AIM Global Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility
AIMF International Association of Francophone Mayors
AIPC International Association of Convention Centres
AISE International Association for Soaps, Detergent and Maintenance Products
AIT International Touring Alliance
AIToxicologists Association of Inhalation Toxicologists
AKMS Arab Knowledge Management Society
AMCA AMCA International Inc.
AMEX American Express
AMPP Association for Materials Protection and Performance
ANEC European Association for the Co-ordination of Consumer Representation in Standardization
ANF HQ Thailand Science Park Project
ANNA Association of National Numbering Agencies
ANRRC Asian Network of Research Resource Centers
AOAC INTERNATIONAL AOAC INTERNATIONAL, Association of Analytical Communities
AOCS American Oil Chemists' Society
APAC Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation Incorporated (APAC)
APDS Alliance for Parking Data Standards Ltd.
APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APF Asian Packaging Federation
APIMONDIA International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations
APO Asian Productivity Organization
APPLiA Home Appliance Europe
AQUATIL aquatil gGmbh
ARC/IPRG Apiceutical Research Centre / International Propolis Research Group
AREA Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance
ARGE The European Federation of Associations of Lock and Builders Hardware Manufacturers
ARIA Americas Research Industry Alliance
ASAM Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM e.V.)
ASD-STAN AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe - Standardization
ASEAN Cosmetics Association ASEAN Cosmetic Association (ACA)
ASEF Active Shipbuilding Experts' Federation
ASI Aluminium Stewardship Initiative
ASIC International Association on Coffee Science - ASIC
ASIS ASIS International
ASLM African Society for Laboratory Medicine
ASM International ASM International
ASQ American Society for Quality
ASTM ASTM International
ATIBT International Technical Tropical Timber Association
ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
ATSC The Advanced Television System Committee
ATTA Adventure Travel Trade Association
AUF Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie
AVS Audio Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China
BACAC Biosafety Association for Central Asia and the Caucasus
BBMRI-ERIC Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure
BCI SADC Chapter Business Continuity Institute SADC Chapter
BDA Blu-ray Disc Association
BDVA Big Data Value AISBL
BIAN Banking Industry Architecture Network
BIAP International Office for Audiophonology
BIBM European Federation for Precast Concrete
BIC International Container Bureau
BIMCO Baltic & International Maritime Council
BIPM International Bureau of Weights and Measures
BIS/BRI Bank for International Settlements
BISFA International Bureau for the Standardisation of Man-Made Fibres
BITOM Bureau international d'information pour les toiles métalliques
Blockchain & Climate Institute Blockchain & Climate Institute
BSA Business Software Alliance (BSA)
buildingSMART International buildingSMART International
Business Semantics Business Semantics Ltd
CAC Codex Alimentarius Commission
CAGI Compressed Air & Gas Institute
CalConnect The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium
CAS Chemical Abstracts Service
CASIC CASIC, The Latin American Cosmetics, Toiletry and Perfumery Association
CB Initiative Climate Bonds Initiative
CCA Clean Cooking Alliance
CCAC Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, Scientific Advisory Panel
CCDB Common Criteria Development Board
CCETT Common Study Center of Telediffusion and Telecommunication
CCSDS Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
CCUF Common Criteria Users Forum
CDISC Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium, Inc.
CDP Carbon Disclosure Project Headquarters
CE - Council Council of Europe
CEC European Confederation of the Footwear Industry
CEC - Lubricants Coordinating European Council for the Development of Performance Tests for Transportation Fuels, Lubricants and Other Fluids
CECE Committee for European Construction Equipment
CECIMO European Association of the Machine Tool Industries
CEFIC European Chemical Industry Council
CEI-Bois European Confederation of Woodworking Industries
CEIR European Committee for the Valves Industry
CELIEGE European Cork Federation
CELIMAC European Liaison Committee for the Sewing Machine Industries
CEMA European Committee of Associations of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery
CEMATEX European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers
CEMBUREAU The European Cement Association
CEOC International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organisations
CEOS Committee on Earth Observation Satellites
CEPE European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists' Colours Industry
CEPI Confederation of European Paper Industries
CEPI-CTS CEPI Comparative Testing Service
CEPT European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations
CERAME-UNIE European Ceramics Industries
CERES Ceres Company Network
CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research
CESIO European Committee of Organic Surfactants and their Intermediates
CET - ceramic European Ceramic Tile Manufacturers' Federation
CET - thé European Tea Committee
CETOP European Oil Hydraulic and Pneumatic Committee
CGF The Consumer Goods Forum
CharIN e.V. Charging Interface Initiative
ChemRecEurope Chemical Recycling Europe
CI Consumers International
CIB International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction
CIBJO The World Jewellery Confederation
CICR International Committee of the Red Cross
CIDOC International Documentation Committee, International Council of Museums
CIE International Commission on Illumination
CIGR International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
CIIA International Commission for Food Industries
CILLT Centre for Interlibrary Loan Transactions
CIM/GMSG Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group
CIMAC International Council on Combustion Engines
CINET International Committee of Textile Care
CIP4 International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress Organization
CIPAC Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council Limited (CIPAC)
CIRM International Association for Marine Electronics Companies
CIRP The International Academy for Production Engineering
CISAC International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers
CITA CITA – The International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee
CITAC Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
CJEU Court of Justice of the European Parliament
CLARIN ERIC Common LAnguage Resources and Technology INfrastructure
CLARITY Clarity International 2020
CLEARSTREAM Clearstream International
CLEPA European Association of Automative Suppliers
CLIA Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)
Cloud security alliance Cloud security alliance
CLPA CC-Link Partner Association
CMAS World Confederation of Underwater Activities
CMUF Cryptographic Module Users Forum
CO2GeoNet The European Network of Excellence on the Geological Storage of CO2
COA Container Owners Association
COCIR European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry
Continua Health Alliances Continua Health Alliances
COPA-COGECA Committee of Professional Agricultural Organisations in the European Union (COPA) - General Confederation of Agricultural Co-operative in the European Union (COGECA)
CORESTA Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco
Cosmetics Europe The Personal Care Association
COSPAR Committee on Space Research
COST TU 1406 COST TU 1406
COVESA Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance
CPL The Center for Plain Language
CPM College of Performance Management
CSCC Cloud Standards Customer Council
CSLF Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
CTA - USA Consumer Technology Association
Cyber Security The Cyber Security Naming & Information Structure Groups
CyberSec4Europe Cyber Security Network of Competence Centres for Europe
DAN Divers Alert Networ
DCMI Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)
DCSA Digital Container Shipping Association
DDI Alliance Document, Discover and Interoperate
DFID Department for International Development
DGIWG Defence Geospatial Information Working Group
DICOM DICOM Standards Committee
Digital TV Group The Digital TV Group (DTG)
DITTA Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT & Radiation Therapy Trade Association
DMSC Digitial Metrology Standards Consortium
DMTF Distributed Management Task Force
DOI The International DOI Foundation, Inc
DRII Disaster Recovery Institute International
DVB Digital Video Broadcasting
EAFT European Association for Terminologie
EAN International International Article Numbering Association
EANM European Association of Nuclear Medicine
EAPF European Alliance for Plant-based Food
EAQUALS Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services
EASA European Union Aviation Safety Agency
EASE European Association of Science Editors
EATP European Association for Textile Polyolefins
EAWOP European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology
EBA European Biogas Association
EBA - boating/navigation The European Boating Association
EBI European Boating Industry
EBIA European bedding industries' association
EBN European Biosafety Network
EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EBSA European Biosafety Association
EBU European Broadcasting Union
EC - European Commission European Commission
EC4 European Communities Confederation of Clinical Chemistry
ECA - Cocoa European Cocoa Association aisbl
ECB European Central Bank
ECCMA Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA)
ECCS European Convention for Constructional Steelwork
ECE European Colourfastness Establishment
ECF - caravan European Caravan Federation
eCl@ss e.V. eCl@ss e.V.
ECMA European Cylinder Makers Association
Ecma International Ecma International
ecoDa European Confederation of Directors Association
ECOLOGIA ECOlogists Linked for Organizing Grassroots Initiatives and Action
ECOS (Environment) Environmental Coalition on Standards
ECPA The European Crop Protection Association
ECRA European Carpet and Rug Association
ECSS European Cooperation for Space Standardization
ECTA European Chemical Transport Association AISBL
ECTAA The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations
EDANA International associations serving the nonwovens and related industries
EDF Environmental Defense Fund
EDM Council Enterprise Data Management Council
EDPA The Experiential Designers and Producers Association
EDPB European Data Protection Board
EEA European Environment Agency
EEA Inc. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Inc.
EEB European Environmental Bureau
EFAC European Federation of Associations of Certification bodies
EFAMRO European Federation of Market Research Associations
EFC European Federation of Corrosion
EFCA/FIDIC International Federation of Consulting Engineers
EFCO&HPA European Federation of Campingsite Organisations and Holiday Park Associations
EFFCM European Federation of Fibre-Cement Manufacturers
EFLM European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
EFPIA European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
EGMF European Garden Machinery Federation
EHI European Heating Industry
EIGA European Industrial Gases Association
ELA European Lift Association
ELRA European Language Resources Association
EMAS European Microbeam Analysis Society
EMESRT Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table
EMF The Ellen MacArthur Foundation
ENAT European Network for Accessible Tourism a.s.b.l.
ENBIS European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics
ENEP European Network of Environmental Professionals
Energistics Energistics
ENISA European Network and Information Security Agency
ENSA European Plant-based Foods Association
EOQ European Organization for Quality
EOSC-Life Open collaborative space for digital biology in Europe
EP European Parliament
EPC Conseil Européen des Paiements AISBL
EPF European Panel Federation
EPIC European Packaging Institute Consortium
EPLF European Producers of Laminate Flooring
EPMA European Powder Metallurgy Association
EPN EuroPetNet
EPO European Patent Office
EPPMP European Power Press Manufacturers Panel
EPPO European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization
EQALM European organisation for external Quality Assurance providers in Laboratory Medicine
ERA European Rotogravure Association
ERA (European Railway Agency) European Railway Agency
ERFMI European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers Institute
ERFO European Recovered Fuel Organisation
ERPA European Rolling Paper Association
ESA European Space Agency
ESA - spice/épices European Spice Association
ESA Sealing European Sealing Association
ESAO European Society for Artificial Organs
ESBB European, Middlle Eastern and African Society for Biobanking (ESBB)
ESI software (Tecnalia Research & Innovation) European Software Institute (Tecnalia Research & Innovation)
ESOMAR World Association of Research Professionals
ESP Ecosystem Services Partnership
ESPA European Spas Association
ESTA European Smoking Tobacco Association
ESTAL European Surface Treatment on Aluminium
ETN European Turbine Network
ETPG European Test Publishers Group
ETRTO European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization
ETSA European Textile Services Association
ETSC European Transport Safety Council
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETUC European Trade Union Confederation
ETUI European Trade Union Institute
EU Travel Tech EU Travel Tech Organization
eu-LISA European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
EU-STANDS4PM A European standardisation framework for data integration and data-driven in silico models for personalised medicine
EU-VRi European Risk & Resilience Institute
EUATC European Union of Associations of Translation Companies
EUCEET The European Civil Engineering Education and Training Association
EUF European Underwater Federation
EUFIAS European Fireworks Association
EULITA European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association
EUMABOIS European Committee of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers
EUnited Metallurgy EUnited Metallurgy
EuPC European Plastics Converters
EURADOS European radiation dosimetry group
EURALARM Association of European manufacturers, installers and service providers of the electronic Fire Safety and Security industry
EURAMET European Association of National Metrology Institutes
EURATEX European Apparel and Textile Confederation
EUREAU European Federation of national associations of water & wastewater services
EURIMA European Association of Insulation Manufacturers
euRobotics AISBL euRobotics AISBL
EUROCAE The European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment
EuroCloud EuroCloud
EUROFEU European Committee of the Manufacturers of Fire Protection Equipment and Fire Fighting Vehicles
Eurofiling Eurofiling Foundation p.f.
EuroFm European Facility Management Network (EuroFM)
EUROGI European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information
Eurogroup for Animals Eurogroup for Animals
EUROM European Federation of Precision Mechanical and Optical Industries
EUROMOT The European Association of Internal Combustion Engines and Alternative Powertrain Manufacturers
EuropaBio European Association for Bioindustries
European Aluminium European Aluminium
Europeana F. Europeana Foundation (Stichting Europeana)
EUROPERF European Perforators Association
EUROSAC European Federation of Multiwall Paper Sacks Manufacturers
EuroSDR European Spatial Data Research
EUROVENT European Committee of Air Handling and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers
EuroWindoor AISBL European Window, Curtain Wall and Door Manufacturers
EUSPA European Union Agency for the Space Programme
EUTurbines European association of gas and steam turbine manufacturers
EUVEPRO EUVEPRO European Vegetable Proteins Association
EUWA Association of European Wheel Manufacturers
EVO Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO)
EWA European Welding Association
EWF European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting
EWRIS European Federation of Wire Rope Industries
FACE Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU
FAECF Federation of European Window and Curtain Wall Manufacturers' Associations
FAMI-QS The Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FCA Framework Convention Alliance
FCC Federation of Cocoa Commerce
FCI International Federation of Kennel Clubs
FDI World Dental Federation (FDI)
FE Fertilizers Europe
FEA European Aerosol Federation
FEAP The Federation of European Aquaculture Producers
FEC - coutellerie Federation of the European Cutlery, Flatware, Holloware and Cookware Industries
FEDIOL The European Vegetable Oil and Proteinmeal Industry
FEE European of Federation Accountants
FEIBP European Brushware Federation
FEIC European Federation of the Plywood Industry
FEM European Federation of Materials Handling and Packaging Manufacturers
FEMFM Federation of European Manufacturers of Friction Materials
FENTEC Functional ENcryption TEChnologies - H2020 EU project
FEP European Federation of the Parquet Industry
FEPA Federation of European Producers of Abrasives products
FERA Federation of European Film Directors
FERMA Federation of European Risk Management Associations
FEROPA European Federation of Fibreboard Manufacturers
FESI European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors
FIA - Food Industry Asia Food Industry Asia
FIA Foundation FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society
FIAPF International Federation of Film Producers Associations
FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
FIB International Federation for Structural Concrete
FIBER CONNECT Fiber Connect Council MENA
FICC International Federation of Camping and Caravanning
FICPI Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Intellectuelle
FIDE Federation of the European Dental Industry
FIDO Alliance The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance
FIEC European Construction Industry Federation
FIFe Fédération internationale féline
FIG International Federation of Surveyors
FIMITIC International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability
FIRST Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FIT International Federation of Translators
FIX Trading Community FIX Trading Community
FMAC World Veterans Federation
FMI The Food Industry Association
FoodDrinkEurope Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries in the EU
FOSFA The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA)
Foundation FSSC Food Safety System Certification 22000
FSC Forest Stewardship Council
FSLCI Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation
FUNDIBEQ Fundación Iberoamericana para la gestión de la calidad
FunStep Standard for the Exchange of Forniture Product Data
FVE Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
GA4GH Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
GABV Global Alliance for Banking on Values
GAFTA The Grain and Feed Trade Association
GALA Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)
GAPPS Global Alliance for the Project Professions
GATE-Equality Global Action for Trans Equality
GCCSI Global CCS Institute
GCIF Global City Indicators Facility
GEDNet Global Type III Environmental Product Declarations Network
GEDSA The Global Enteral Device Supplier Association
GEN Global Ecolabelling Network
GEO Group on Earth Observations
GERES Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement et Solidarités
GERG European Gas Research Group
GFI The Good Food Institute
GFSI Global Food Safety Initiative
GHG GHG Management Institute
GIE Gas Infrastructure Europe
GIIGNL International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers
GINETEX International Association for Textile Care Labelling
GLEIF Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation
Global FM Global FM
Global Platform - Global Platform Inc. Global Platform Inc.
GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard
Govern for Impact International Policy Governance Association
GPA Global Privacy Assembly
GRCTC GRC Technology Centre
GRI Global Reporting Initiative
GRSF Global Road Safety Forum
GRSP Global Road Safety Partnership
GSBN Global Shipping Business Network Limited
GSF The Gold Standard Foundation
GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Council
GTW GTW - Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer
GUTMA Global UTM Association
HKITF Hong Kong Information Technology Federation
HL7 Health Level Seven International
HMEI The Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry
HON Health On the Net Foundation
HOTREC Hotels, Restaurants & Cafés in Europe
HySafe International Association for Hydrogen Safety
I-INCE International Institute of Noise Control Engineering
I.M.S International Meat Secretariat
I3A International Imaging Industry Association
IAA - astronautics International Academy of Astronautics
IAAPA International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
IACS - classification International Association of Classification Societies
IADC - drilling International Association of Drilling Contractors
IADR International Association for Dental Research
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAEE International Association of Exhibitions & Events
IAF International Accreditation Forum, Inc.
IAG - Geoanalysts International Association of Geoanalysts
IAG - geodesy International Association of Geodesy
IAH International Association of Hydrogeologists
IAI - aluminium International Aluminium Institute
IAIDQ The International Association for Information and Data Quality
IAITAM International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, Inc.
IALA - AISM International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities
IAML International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres
IAPH International Association of Ports and Harbours
IAPRI International Association of Packaging Research Institutes
IAQ International Academy for Quality
IAQG International Aerospace Quality Group
IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer
IATA International Air Transport Association
IATF International Automotive Task Force
IBE Institute of Business Ethics
IBIA International Biometrics Identity Association (IBIA)
IBIA - Biometric International Biometrics + Identity Association
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ICA - archives International Council on Archives
ICA - cartographic International Cartographic Association
ICA - co-operative International Co-operative Alliance
ICAAMC International Compressed Air and Allied Machinery Committee
ICAAS International Council on Amino Acids Science
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAR International Committee for Animal Recording
ICC - cereals International Association for Cereal Science and Technology
ICC - color/couleur International Color Consortium
ICC - commerce International Chamber of Commerce
ICCCS International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies
ICCI International Cryosphere Climate Initiative
ICCP International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology
ICDAS The International Caries Detection and Assessment System
ICDM International Committee for Display Metrology
ICDPASO International Commercial Dispute Prevention and Settlement Organization
ICES International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
ICF International Ceramic Federation
ICFPA International Council of Forest and Paper Associations
ICG International Commission on Glass
ICGN International Corporate Governance Network
ICH The International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use
ICHCA ICHCA International Ltd.
ICI International Cocoa Initiative
ICID International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
ICLEI International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
ICMA International Card Manufacturers Association
ICMM International Council on Mining and Metals
ICMSF International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods of the IUMS
ICN International Council of Nurses
ICNDT International Committee for Non-destructive Testing
ICO - coffee/café International Coffee Organization
ICO-D International Council of Design
ICoCA International Code of Conduct Association
ICOM International Council of Museums
ICOMIA International Council of Marine Industry Associations
ICOR The International Consortium of Organizational Resilience
ICPP International Confederation of Plastics Packaging Manufacturers
ICRP International Commission on Radiological Protection
ICRU International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements
ICS - continence International Continence Society & Conticom ICS Limited
ICS - shipping International Chamber of Shipping
ICSH International Council for Standardization in Haematology
ICSSD International Committee for Social Sciences Information and Documentation
ICSTI - conseil International Council for Scientific and Technical Information
ICT International Council of Tanners
ICTC International Technical Committee for Textile Care
ICTI International Council of Toy Industries
ICUMSA International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis
IDA International DME Association
IDEA International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
IDEA Digital Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance
IDEAlliance IDEAlliance
IDF International Dairy Federation
IDM International Dental Manufacturing
IEA International Energy Agency
IEA - engineering International Engineering Alliance
IEA - ergonomics International Ergonomics Association
IEA - énergie International Energy Agency
IEA SHC International Energy Agency - Solar Heating and Cooling Programme
IEAGHG The IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC-International Egg Commission International Egg Commission
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc
IEI International Enamellers Institute
IEMA Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
IEST Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
IETA International Emissions Trading Association
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IF International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
IFA International Fertilizer Industry Association
IFA - International Fireworks Association International Fireworks Association
IFAA Internet Finance Authentication Alliance
IFAC International Federation of Accountants
IFAN International Federation of Standards Users
IFBA International Federation of Biosafety Associations
IFBLS International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science
IFC International Finance Corporation
IFCA International Federation of Compliance Associations
IFCC International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
IFDC International Center for Soil Fertility and Agricultural Development
IFEAT International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades
IFES International Association of Exhibition and Event Services
IFFO International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation
IFG International Federation of Glucose Industries
IFIA International Federation of Inspection Agencies
IFIF International Feed Industry Federation
IFLA International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
IFOAM Head office International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement
IFPI IFPI Secretariat
IFPS International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS)
IFR International Federation of Robotics
IFRA - fragrance International Fragrance Association
IFRC International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
IFRTT International Forum for Road Transport Technology
IFSE International Federation of Science Editors
IFTDO The International Federation of Training and Development Organisations
IFTF International Fur Trade Federation
IFToMM International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanisms and Machines Sciences
IFU International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers - IFU
IGPA The International General Produce Association Ltd.
IGS IGS - International Geosynthetics Society
IH&RA International Hotel & Restaurant Association
IHAA International Hard Anodizing Association
IHE Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise International
IHO International Hydrographic Organisation
IHTSDO International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization
IIA The Institute of Internal Auditors
IIF International Institute of Refrigeration
IIF, Inc Institute of International Finance, Inc
IIID International Institute for Information Design
IIOC Independant International Organization for Certification
IIRC International Integrated Reporting Council
iiSBE - iiSBE International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment
IISD International Institute for Sustainable Development
IISRP International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers
IITF International Institute for Terminology Research
IIW International Institute of Welding
ILAC International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
ILAMA International Life-Saving Appliance Manufacturers' Association
ILO International Labour Organization
ILS International Life Saving Federation
ILZRO International Lead Zinc Research Organization, Inc.
IMA-Europe Industrial Minerals Association - Europe AISBL
IMCA International Marine Contractors Association
IMDRF International Medical Device Regulators Forum
IMEA International Marine Electronics Alliance
IMEC International Council of Marine Industry Associations' Marine Engine Committee
IMEKO International Measurement Confederation
IMIA International Medical Informatics Association
IMMA International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association
IMO International Maritime Organization
IMPA International Maritime Pilots' Association
IMPHOS World Phosphate Institute
IMTC The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium
INATBA International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications
INBAR International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
INCOSE International Council on Systems Engineering
INDAIRPOLLNET COST Action CA17136 – Indoor Air Pollution Network
INEM International Network for Environmental Management
Infoterm International Information Centre for Terminology (Infoterm)
InfraStress Sensitive industrial plants & infrastructures
INLAC Latinoamerican Institute for Quality Assurance
Instand-NGS4P Integrated and standardized NGS workflows for Personalised therapy
INTEGRADDE Project Intelligent data-driven pipeline for the manufacturing of certified metal parts through Direct Energy Deposition process; Project-ID: 820776
INTERBOR International Association of Orthotists and Prosthetists
International SOS Foundation International SOS Foundation
InterPARES InterPARES Project
Interpol Interpol
INTERTANKO International Association of Independent Tanker Owners - INTERTANKO
InterWork Alliance InterWork Alliance Inc
IOC International Olive Council
IOE International Organisation of Employers
IOGP International Association of Oil and Gas Producers
IOSH Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
IoT Lab International Expertise in the Internet of Things and data protection
IPA - Platinum International Platinum Group Metals Association
IPA - Publishing International Publishers Association
IPC International Personnel Certification Association (IPC)
IPC - Jakarta International Pepper Community
IPCSA International Port Community Systems Association
IPMA International Project Management Association
IPPC The International Plant Protection Convention
IPPF International Planned Parenthood Federation
IPSC The International Pump Industry Standardization Committee
IPTC International Press and Telecommunication Council
IQNet IQNet Association - The International Certification Network
IRF - Geneva International Road Federation - Geneva
IRM The Institute of Risk Management
IRMT International Records Management Trust
IRRDB International Rubber Research and Development Board
IRRI International Rice Research Institute
IRSG International Rubber Study Group
ISA International Society of Audiology
ISA - Automation The International Society of Automation
ISA-Lighting International Solid State Lighting Alliance
ISACA Information Systems Audit and Control Association
ISAN ISAN International Agency
ISBER International Society for Biological and environmental repositories
ISBN International ISBN Agency Ltd
ISCI International Smart card Certification Initiatives
ISCT International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy
ISDA International Swaps and Derivatives Association Inc.
ISF Information Security Forum
ISITC International Securities Association for Institutional Trade Communication
ISKO International Society for Knowledge Organization
ISMA International Security Management association
ISMN International ISMN Agency
ISOC Internet Society
ISOPA European diisocyanates and polyols producers association
ISPIM International Society for Professional Innovation Management
ISPO International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics
ISPRS International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
ISQua International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)
ISRA International Ship Recycling Association
ISS International Superyacht Society
ISSEA International Systems Security Engineering Association
ISSN International Center ISSN International Centre
ISSPA International Source Suppliers and Producers Association
ISTA International Seed Testing Association
ISTHealth International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth
ISTQB International Software Testing Qualifications Board
ITA/AITES International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association
ITAM Forum ITAM Forum
ITC International Trade Centre
ITCO International Tank Container Organisation
ITMF International Textile Manufacturers Federation
ITPA International Tea Promotion Association
itSMF The IT Service Management Forum Belgium v.z.w.
itSMFI The IT Service Management Forum International Limited (itSMFI)
ITSO International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
ITTC International Towing Tank Conference Association
ITU International Telecommunication Union
ITUC International Trade Union Confederation
IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature
IUCr International Union of Crystallography
IULTCS International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies
IUMS International Union of Microbiological Societies
IUPAC International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
IUPAP International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
IUSS International Union of Soil Science
IUVA The International Ultraviolet Association
IUVSTA International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications
IVF International Video Federation
IWA International Water Association
IWTO International Wool Textile Organization
J2G JPEG 2000 Group
JAVA CARD FORUM The Java Card Forum
Kantara Initiative Kantara Initiative
Khronos The Khronos Group, Inc
KPI Kamusi Project International
LAS League of Arab States
LBMA London Bullion Market Association
LDBC The Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC)
LEADing Practice LEADing Practice
LESI Licensing Executives Society International
Linux Foundation The Linux Foundation
Liquid Gas Europe the European LPG Association
LMA Loan Market Association
LOCARD EC H2020 project entitled “Lawful evidence collecting and continuity platform development”
LSA Linguistic Society of America
LSTA Loan Syndications & Trading Association
LTAC/TerminOrgs Language Terminology/Translation and Authoring Consortium / Terminology for Large Organizations
LTSC IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee
MARCOGAZ Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry
Mastercard Mastercard International
MedTech Europe Alliance of European medical technology industry associations
MEGA Middle East Gases Association
MESA Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA)
MFA Microfluidics Association
MFA Forum MFA Forum
mHealth Alliance The mHealth Alliance
MIMOSA Open standards for operations & maintenance
MIRRI Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure
MMA MIDI Manufacturers Association
MMFA Multilayer Modular Flooring Association
MSC Marine Stewardship Council
MSIF Multiple Sclerosis International Federation
MTConnect Institute MTConnect Institute
NACA Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (AC/35)
NATO - AC/35 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (AC/35)
NATO - Air Group IV North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Air Group IV)
NATRUE International Nature and Organic Cosmetic Association
NCSLI NCSL International
NFC Forum Near Field Communication Forum
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
NGV Global Natural Gas Vehicle Knowledge Base
NGVA Europe NGVA Europe
NIA Nanotechnology Industries Association
NMKL Nordic Committee on Food Analysis
OAGi Open Applications Group, Inc.
OAS Organization of American States
OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)
OASIS-PMRM OASIS Privacy Management Reference Model
OCA Open Charge Alliance
OCIMF Oil Companies International Marine Forum
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD
OGC Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.
OGCI Oil and Gas Climate Initiative
OGF Open Grid Forum
OICA International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
OICCC International Office of Cocoa, Chocolate and Sugar Confectionery
OIDF The OpenID Foundation
OIE World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)
OIF Organisation internationale de la Francophonie
OIML International Organization of Legal Metrology
OIPEEC International Organization for the Study of the Endurance of Wire Ropes
OIV International Organisation of Vine and Wine
OMA OMA SpecWorks
OMG Object Management Group
OPEI The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute
OPEN Alliance Inc. OPEN Alliance Inc.
Open Group The Open Group
Opengroup, United Kingdom Opengroup
OPF Open Planets Foundation
OSGeo Open Source Geospatial Foundation
OSJD Organization for Co-operation between Railways
OSS Sahara and Sahel Observatory
OTIF Intergovernmental Organization for International Carriage by Rail
PAI Partnership on Al to Benefit People and Societv
PAIGH Pan-American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH)
PALEA Pacific Asia Lift and Escalator Association
PATH Program for Appropriate Technology in Health
PDES Product Data Exchange using STEP
PDF Association e.V. PDF Association e.V.
PDG Pharmacopoeia Discussion Group
PDP4E Privacy and Data Protection Engineering
PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
PHArA-ON Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing
Photoconsortium Photoconsortium, International Consortium for Photographic Heritage
PI Plan International Inc.
PLAIN Plain Language Association International
PMC Convention on the control and marking of articles of precious metals
PMI Project Management Institute
PNEUROP European Committee of Manufacturers of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Pneumatic Tools
PQCRYPTO Post-quantum cryptography for long-term security
PRE European Refractories Producers Federation
PREurope Plastic Recyclers Europe
PRIPARE PReparing Industry to Privacy-by-design by supporting its Application in REsearch
PRISMACLOUD Privacy and Security Maintaining Services in the Cloud
PROSCOPE Point-of-care instrument for diagnosis and image-guided intervention of Colo-Rectal Cancer
ProSTEP iViP e.V. ProSTEP Association for the Advancement of International Product Data Standards
ProVeg Nederland ProVeg Nederland
PU Europe Federation of the European Rigid Polyurethane Foam Associations
QUALANOD Quality Label for Anodic Oxide Coatings on Wrought Aluminium for Architectural Purposes
QUALINET QUALINET: European Network on Quality of Experience in Multimedia Systems and Services
RAIN RFID Alliance RAIN RFID Alliance
Rainforest Alliance Rainforest Alliance
Readium Foundation Readium Foundation
REALITER Réseau panlatin de terminologie
REEF World Foundation REEF World Foundation
RESIN RESIN - Climate resilient cities and infrastructures
RI Rehabilitation International
RILEM International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures
RIMS The Risk Management Society
RINA The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
RITerm Réseau ibéro-américain de terminologie
RSG The Recreational Craft Sectoral Group
RTC Rebreather Training Council
RTCM Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
SAA Sunglass Association of America
SAE SAE International
SAFECode Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code
SAFEcrypto Secure Architectures of Future Emerging Cryptography
SAMAC The Association of Software Asset Management Assessment and Certification
SAMI Security Association for the Maritime Industry
SASB Foundation Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Foundation
SASIG Strategic Automotive Product Data Standards Industry Group
SAT Daizōkyō Text Database SAT Daizōkyō Text Database
SBS - Small Business Standards Small Business Standards
SBTV Forum Brazilian Digital Terrestrial Television System Forum
SCAR Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
SEDRIS The Source for Environmental Data Representation & Interchange
SEFA European Association of Steeldrum Manufacturers
SEMATECH SEmiconductor MAnufacturing TECHnology (SEMATECH)
SEMI Semiconductor Equip and Materials
Serving Europe Serving Europe
SETAC Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
SFD Société francophone de dialyse
SFI Sustainable forestry initiative
SFIA Foundation The SFIA Foundation
SFPE Society of Fire Protection Engineers
SGMF The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel
SIERRA Club Sierra Club
SIGTTO Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators
SISO Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization
SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)
SNAME The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
SNF Solidaridad Network Foundation
SNIA Storage Networking Industry
SOPHIA Socio-Physical Interaction Skills for Cooperative Human-Robot Systems in Agile Production
SPEC Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
SPTF Social Performance Task Force
SRA The Society for Risk Analysis
SSAFE Safe Supply of Affordable Food Everywhere Supporting European Experts Presence in International Standardisation Activities in ICT
Starch Europe Starch Europe
STRATEGY/SATWAYS LTD. Horizon Europe project "Strategy" represented by coordinator Satways Ltd.
SVI Social Value International
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
SYBAss Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss)
TCA Taipei computer association
TCG Trusted Computing Group
TEI Text Encoding Initiative Consortium
TERMNET International Network for Terminology, TermNet
TGG The Green Grid
The CQI The Chartered Quality Institute
The Simon Foundation for Continence The Simon Foundation for Continence
The SPICE User Group The SPICE User Group (Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination) User Group
The World Bank The World Bank Group
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association
TIC Council TIC Council
TIE Toy Industries of Europe
TISA Traveller Information Services Association (TISA)
TM Forum TM Forum
TMMi Test Maturity Model (TMMi) foundation
Transparency International Transparency International
TREsPASS Technology-supported Risk Estimation by Predictive Assessment of Socio technical Security
TWC The Woolmark Company
UATI International Union of Technical Associations and Organizations
UC Berkeley University of California, Berkeley
UEA - Esperanto Universala Esperanto-Asocio
UEAPME European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry
UIA International Union of Architects
UIC International Union of Railways
UILI Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants (UILI)
UIOE International Union of Oenologists
UIP International Union of Wagon Keepers a.i.s.b.l.
UN United Nations
UN Habitat United Nations Centre for Human Settlements
UN Women United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
UN-GGIM Americas United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management
UN-GGIM SC on Geodesy United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management Subcommittee on Geodesy
UN-GGIM-AP Regional Committee of United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management for Asia and the Pacific
UNCDF United Nations Capital Development Fund
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDP United Nations Development Programme
UNECA United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
UNECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCAP United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNESCWA United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
UNFPA United Nations Population Fund
UNGEGN United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names
UNGIWG United Nations Geographic Information Working Group
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund
UNICODE The Unicode Consortium
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization
UNIFE UNIFE - The European Railway Industries
UNISDR UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
UNSCETDG UN/ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
UNU-INWEH United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health
UNWTO World Tourism Organization
UPU Universal Postal Union
USP US Pharmacopeial Convention
USPI Uitgebreid Samenwerkingsverband ProcesIndustrie, Nederland
UXPA User Experience Professionals Association
VAMAS Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards
VDA Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA)/German Association of the Automotive Industry
VESA Video Electronics Standards Association
VET21001 VET21001 Consortium
VISA Visa International
VSF Video services forum, Inc. (VSF)
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WAAWG Western Australian Automation Working Group
WADA World Anti-Doping Agency
WANO World Association of Nuclear Operators
WAP World Animal Protection
WAPOR World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR)
WASLI World Association of Sign Language Interpreters
WASPaLM World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable Development
WBU World Blind Union
WCA World Coal Association
WCF World Cocoa Foundation
WCFO World Cocoa Farmers Organization
WCO World Customs Organization
WDO World Design Organization
Web3D Web3D Consortium
WEC World Energy Council
WFAS World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies
WFEO World Federation of Engineering Organizations
WFHSS World Federation for Hospital Sterilisation Sciences
WFN Stichting Water Footprint Network
WFO World Foundrymen Organization
WFPMA World Federation of People Management Associations
WFSA World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists
WFSGI World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry
WFTGA World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations
WGIC World Geospatial Industry Council
WHO World Health Organization
WHO-ECEH WHO European Centre for Environment and Health
Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi Alliance
WIN Worldwide independent network
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization
WITDOM empoWering prIvacy and securiTy in non-trusteD envirOnMents
WLPGA World LPG Association
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WNA World Nuclear Association
WNTI World Nuclear Transport Institute
WOC World Ocean Council
WONCA World Organization of Family Doctors
World Shipping Council World Shipping Council
World Steel Association World Steel Association
WPO World Packaging Organization
WRA World Refractories Association
WRAP The Waste & Resources Action Programme
WRI World Resources Institute
WRI - PACE World Resources Institute Europe Stichting
WRSTC World Recreational Scuba Training Council
WS World Sailing (WS)
WSI World Stewardship Institute
WTCF World Tourism Cities Federation
WTO World Trade Organization
WWF World Wide Fund for Nature
XBRL International The business reporting standard
ZEP Zero Emissions Platform