Online standards development: working collaboratively to shape the world of tomorrow

ISO and IEC have developed a new Online Standards Development (OSD) platform which aims at providing the technical community with a unique and harmonized platform for online standards development, from the preparatory stage through to publication.

This page contains information on the project vision and its advancement. It will be updated regularly with the latest news, key features as they are implemented and feedback from our pilot working groups.

OnliNE Standards Development platform is available for working drafts (WD)

The OSD platform is currently available 'on demand' for WG pilot groups to draft and collaborate on their Working Draft (WD stage 20.00).

If you are a Project Leader, Convenor or WG Secretary and  think the platform could benefit work carried out in your WG, please complete the online questionnaire. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Latest Developments

OnliNE Standards Development (OSD) 1.4.0 - July 2021

This new version of the platform includes improved comments and comment resolution features which will pave the ground for Member Commenting.


  • Possibility to create proposed change (including motivation field)
  • Specific proposed changes for equations and figures
  • Possibility to tag comments with custom labels
  • New filter pane available to review comments

Comment resolution

  • New resolution types available to reflect directives
  • Possibility to apply proposed changed automatically (Text, Equations and Figures)


In September 2021 watch for…

  • Improved commenting and comment resolution phase 2 – including export comments and resolutions to excel
  • Integration of the OSD platform in the ISO ecosystem
  • Improved WG consultation features
  • More improvement on the authoring features

Project information

Vision and implementation roadmap

The online standards authoring project aims at creating an online environment for standards developers in which they can work efficiently and collaboratively, and lay the foundation for new value-added products and services for the world of tomorrow.

This video gives you an overview of the project vision and implementation roadmap (12 mins)


Why change?

The tools we use today to draft standards have remained unchanged from those used many decades ago. To continue to publish standards in time for the needs of tomorrow we need:

  • More organized and efficient collaborative work from the start of the standards authoring process
  • Improved/streamlined content quality at the early stages of standard development 
  • Enhanced overall quality of content 
  • Facilitated commenting and final compilation of resolutions
  • A content development system based on Standards (i.e. NISO STS) 
  • Harmonized IEC/ISO standards development and processes 



For close to 2 years, IEC and ISO project teams worked hand in hand with their respective reference groups of authors to get to this first version of the online standards development platform. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many members of the reference groups for their time and dedication in making the editor what it is today.

In their last review of the editor in September 2020, here are some of their comments:

"Super tool to use even for a non-editor, super friendly to play with the document, interactive. It will help a lot all experts writing our standards. Well done!"

"Everything updates quickly and efficiently, I didn't have to use the knowledge base, because after a while I found the functionality"

"Everything worked well, adding references and cross-references is a very nice feature."

"Very simple to write in the document in compliance with the structure. What time-saver!"

"I loved it; I was like a child in a sweetshop as I tried out a lot of things and the majority of those functionalities worked well for me."


Video - Key features


Do you want to try the OSD platform? Request your access to our sandbox editor at


A first version of the Online Standards Development (OSD) platform, focused on Online Collaborative Authoring aspects of the tool, was launched on 12th October 2020 to 12 Working Group pilots, representing equally ISO, IEC and CENCENELEC. In January 2021, another 4 ISO Working Groups joined the pilot, totalling 7 ISO pilot groups.

Survey questions were drafted in cooperation with IEC and intended for both ISO and IEC pilot groups. To date, the survey has only been sent to ISO pilot groups. All ISO pilot groups are represented in the responses shown in this report. 

Questions contained in the survey relate to the version 1.1.0 of the OSD platform (delivered in late 2020), i.e. the MVP version. Survey outcomes will serve as a baseline for future feedback which will be sought towards the end of 2021 to assess enhancements delivered throughout 2021. 


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The Online Standards Authoring Knowledge Base provides supporting material for Online Standards Authoring environment. We suggest you bookmark this page in order to keep up to date on the content.

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