Woman testing eggs, in a laboratory.
Washington, DC, 22 October 2018: AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announce that they have entered into a cooperation agreement for the joint development and approval of common standards and methods. The partnership significantly increases the global...
Airplane in the sky with clouds at sunset.
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New technologies, from robotics to machine learning, are ushering in a period of rapid change and development. While the aviation industry is working to reap the benefits of this industrial automation, standards, especially those of ISO/TC 184/SC 4, will play a key role in ensuring a smooth flight path –...
Programmer checking the quality of the software in charge of automation.
Technological change is taking place at a dizzying rate, transforming our lives in all manner of ways that are not always obvious. How can we ensure efficient management of these automated systems so disruption is positive and does not become a bewildering maelstrom beyond our control?
An automated library storage system.
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No longer just a fictional theme for far-fetched science fiction movies, artificial intelligence is now very much a day-to-day part of our reality. In factories, in intelligent transportation, even in the medical field, artificial intelligence (AI) is just about everywhere. But what exactly is artificial...
Moroccan woman baking bread (khubz) in a clay oven.
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Polluting stoves and open fires kill millions every year. A new standard dedicated to clean and safe cookstoves has just been published, providing a valuable platform for the industry to grow.
Aerial view of a combine harvester in a golden wheat field.
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Zero Hunger is one of the ambitious United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the theme of this year’s World Food Day. ISO International Standards are stepping up to the plate by demonstrating that they are valuable tools in achieving it.
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We are living in a digital age where the traditional boundaries between the physical and virtual spheres are becoming increasingly blurred. This has given rise to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is characterized by disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology...
Hands of a woman checking the label of a packaged cheese in a supermarket.
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Packaging has come a very long way since its humble beginnings of gourds and clay pots. These days, the world of packaging is much more complex, needing to be safe and sustainable whilst remaining appealing and functional. An international guide has just been revised to help organizations ensure their...
Blue portable toilets on the textured ground in Bonneville Salt Flats, USA.
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More than 2.3 billion people across the world lack access to basic sanitation services, including 892 million who defecate in the open. Hundreds of thousands of young children die each year from diseases as a result. New technology is shaping up to provide safe sanitation systems in places that don’t...
Aerial view of a container ship sailing through the fog.
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Did you know that, in one year, an average container ship travels the equivalent of 75 % of the way to the moon and back? And that there are around 55 000 cargo ships floating around our seas, not to mention the many cruise ships to carry the 27 million holidaymakers expected to go on a cruising holiday...