Her interview is one of 40 portraits of people comprising the mosaic of skills that contribute to international cooperation in Geneva, Switzerland, home to many international govermental and nongovernmental organizations.

ISO graphical booklet cartoon
The international language of ISO graphical symbols

Alexane describes the path that led her to ISO, an organization with a portfolio of more than 19 300 standards for business, government and society. ISO standards offer practical contributions to tackling many of the challenges facing the international community, including global trade, developing countries, climate change, social responsibility, health, safety and energy.

As an example of Alexane's contribution to communicating the benefits of ISO standards in vital, everyday terms, she talks about the book of cartoons she developed with her colleagues to show how ISO international graphical symbols assist a typical family during their foreign holiday in a country whose language they do not understand.

"My work is to contribute to promoting and popularizing ISO standards and, seriously, – it's fun!" Alexane comments. "With a little imagination and humour, the human dimension of technical standards can usually be communicated through cartoons and colourful graphics."

Alexane's portrait is being broadcast (in French) by Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) on Monday, 15 October, at 18:10, Central European Time. Afterwards, it can be viewed on the RTS website.

The programme "Coopération internationale: Un métier" is one of 40 three-minute portraits (broadcast from 10 September to 2 November) of people who work in international organizations in Geneva. The producers have deliberately made the choice not to concentrate on the heads of such organizations, but to feature the rich variety of people and jobs that contribute to international cooperation. The series of programmes has been developed by Radio Télévision Suisse in collaboration with the Swiss Confederation, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva and the Fondation pour Genève.