ISO President Boris Aleshin speaks at the General Assembly
He was speaking during a panel discussion on 19 September on the resources ISO and its national members need to meet future customer needs.

Dr. Aleshin called for clarity on what sort of business ISO actually is -– the central operations of ISO in Geneva, or a multi-billion dollar network comprising the ISO Central Secretariat and its national members in 164 countries. This is an "exceedingly important issue", he said.

"We have to address our target audiences together," he said. "We have to define our customers - whether business, consumers or government - and address their needs with a common understanding. Otherwise we are brewing in our own stew.

"We do not work well enough together, or with industry and consumers. A lot has been done to meet their requirements, but many do not really know about us well enough apart from professionals.

"I would like us to concentrate on our target audiences and address them with communication and training. We need to propagate our values and promote our products. And we need to discuss the business model of the entire organization and identify common objectives with our international standardization partners, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)."

ISO President, Dr. Boris Aleshin.

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