Goods and services are commonly promoted as being produced by suppliers with a quality management system (QMS) certified as conforming to ISO 9001:2008. There are currently more than a million organizations in over 170 countries certified to this standard.

What does this mean? How can this help? How can you be sure that your suppliers understand what you expect from them, and are capable of providing you with a consistent, conforming product? The brochure provides answers to such questions and explains how to get the most out of using ISO 9001 as a supply chain tool.

The objective of ISO 9001 is to provide a set of requirements that, if effectively implemented, will provide you with confidence that your supplier can consistently provide goods and services that:

  • Meet your needs and expectations
  • Comply with applicable regulations

Conformity to ISO 9001:2008 means that your supplier has established a systematic approach to quality management and is managing its business to ensure that your needs are clearly understood, agreed and fulfilled.

The brochure explains the different ways that suppliers can demonstrate ISO 9001:2008 conformity. It also describes what you can do if things go wrong and you are dissatisfied with performance of your supplier.

ISO 9001 in the supply chain is available free of charge from ISO member bodies (see the complete list with contact details). It may also be obtained directly from the ISO Store, by contacting the Marketing, Communication & Information Department or downloaded from the ISO Website.

ISO 9001 – What does it mean in the supply chain?

ISO 9001 – What does it mean in the supply chain?