Nestlé is one of the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness companies with 330000 employees and factories or operations in almost every country in the world. Nestlé’s sales for 2011 were almost 83.7 billion Swiss francs.

Paul Bulcke, who has been Nestlé’s CEO since April 2008, speaks out on International Standards for the first time in ISO Focus+. This is Mr. Bulcke’s first interview and Nestlé’s second Q&A in ISO’s flagship magazine.

"Tastes may differ, but health requirements and minimum standards are the same the world over," Bulcke tells ISO Focus+. "International Standards, therefore, help to shape our company so that we can be a global player with globally recognized terms of reference.”

Paul Bulcke
Chief Executive Officer
Nestlé S.A

Under the title, “Health and Wellness”, the July/August 2012 issue of ISO Focus+ explores key issues arising from today’s trend to cater to the need and desire of people to stay in shape and feel better as they age. A portfolio of articles highlights the progress and usefulness of ISO standards aimed at ensuring quality and safety (and beauty) in this growth industry.

Today's consumers seek to look better, feel better, gain more energy, improve their health, and strengthen their performance in daily activities and sports. This implies that they need to feel better as they age, and that illness will be prevented as much as possible.

International Standards in the cosmetics industry, for example, have improved the health and well-being of millions, and even billions, of people, not to mention that they have reduced costs, created a level playing field and… made the world so much more attractive!

The issue also highlights a number of subjects that promote healthy living such as the wellness spa, traditional Chinese medicine, essential oils, and dentistry. The importance of ergonomics, accessibility and assistive products for people with disabilities in promoting a more liberating lifestyle is also highlighted.

In addition to the special report, the issue features interviews with Chris Hillis, Managing Director of DHL Express Switzerland, and Roman Bisig, Managing Director of DHL Freight Switzerland. They sit down with ISO Focus+ to discuss the role of International Standards and how the company benefits.

ISO Focus+, July-August 2012

ISO Focus+, July-August 2012

Heath and Wellness

Other highlights in this issue include articles on the following:

  • Management makeover – New format for future ISO management system standards
  • Management systems integration – Five lessons learnt by a Saudi Arabian ICT company
  • Counterfeiting and fraud – How do consumers know what they are getting?

So, join us for the ultimate summer makeover!