The new Website puts users first. The layout and content have been specifically designed to help visitors find information quickly and easily, in any device.

ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele comments: “This is another example of ISO’s continual goal to be ‘simpler and faster and better’. We are very excited about the project and hope visitors will enjoy navigating through our new site!”

Today, most of us access the Internet through a variety of platforms. The new ISO Website adopts a “one-Web” approach. Its fluid and responsive layout flexibly adapts to different resolutions, browsers and screen sizes, so that no matter how users access the site (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), they can read it comfortably and easily. The new site is also much easier to navigate than its predecessor.

“Another area where you will see a big difference is the content,” says Luigi Principi, Manager, ISO Web Information Services. “We started by looking at what users were doing and built our new site based on that. Our goal was to increase understanding of what ISO does, and how it does it, without losing our audience to endless information.”

The site adopts a completely new approach to content management. Developers started by creating a series of user profiles by aggregating statistics from ISO’s old Website. The profiles helped identify ISO’s core online audience, their goals and needs – from the occasional visitor who wants the answer to a quick question, to regular and experienced users. All the information on the site has been fully edited to make it more relevant and accessible.

To access the new website go to

ISO’s Web Information Services team publishes the new edition of ISO’s website.
From left to right, Carole Brun, Luigi Principi, Holger Apel, Dominique Chevaux, Lionel Egger and Katie Bird.