The evolution of technology and the explosion of the Internet, Websites, social media and online services are giving rise to new challenges for industry and consumers. Standards are building blocks influencing these advances. They can help ensure performance of new technologies, and act as catalysts for innovative thinking and creativity.

The June 2012 issue of ISO Focus+ brings together a portfolio of articles mainly based on standards developed by one key player, joint technical committee, ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information technology. The committee provides a solid ICT infrastructure, defining the basic structures which new technologies will build on. The impact of its work is enormous. From helping the supply chain to track, acquire, manage data and information to identifying personnel, transaction and resources. Articles cover topics ranging from cloud computing, bar codes and RFID, to smart homes and multimedia.

The magazine also features articles on bioplastics and carbon capture storage, as well as business continuity, showcasing the important role played by International Standards to support new developments in these areas.

And ISO itself is in the race to innovation, as it revises its standards development process to better meet stakeholders’ requirements and respond even faster to market needs.

The June issue of ISO Focus+ features an exclusive interview with Geesung Choi, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Geesung Choi highlights the concrete benefits ISO International Standards give to Samsung: “In establishing operational infrastructure and product lines, adopting stringent ISO guidelines – that have proved themselves over many decades – has helped to increase brand value, efficiency and reliability. Recognizing these benefits, we are participating and contributing to new technology specifications and to guidelines on safety and performance, as well as to methodologies to estimate performance for innovative solutions.”

ISO Focus+, 6/2012

ISO Focus+, June 2012